Tuesday, January 06, 2015

3 Inches

Larry and David left town early (EARLY) this morning to visit a college farther south, where - I would assume - they are safe from the cataclysmic 3 inches of snow that hit us this morning.

3 inches - enough to create utter havoc across the entire metro area, commuting-wise.  Multiple accidents occurred, involving commuters and dozens of schoolbuses.   One news article stated that snowplows were having trouble plowing because of snow and icy conditions.  Because, uh, usually they don't deal with that sort of thing?

3 inches.  That's all it took to bring this region to its knees - well, that and the unfortunate decision by our local school districts that it would be okay to have school today.  Which it would have been, if ANYONE in charge had thought, upon hearing the snow forecast, to maybe have the plows deployed and the roads sanded before this all started at 5 AM. You know, the way they usually do.  It's as if someone just didn't bother checking the Internet last night.

I must say, I've lived here a long time, but this has got to be our dumbest response to a snowstorm ever (and really, that's a pretty high bar). I'm betting that, for the rest of winter, school will be canceled at the slightest hint of snow, because the superintendent of schools is certainly sick of apologizing, as he has had to do several times today already.  His statements essentially boil down to "We are really, really, really sorry this happened.  Really sorry.  REALLY SORRY."

3 inches of snow, people.  How the heck did we ever survive Snowmageddon?

And, yes, we DID have fun, thanks for asking.  The kids are out sledding for the second time today, hot cocoa is on the stove, and I've eaten ample amounts of ginger snaps while knitting on 2 different projects.  For once I am glad we don't live in Canada, where 3 inches of snow would have meant business as usual and definitely would not have warranted bringing the sleds down from the attic.  At least down south here we know how to appreciate even a little bit of the white stuff coming down from the sky. Deprivation will do that to you, you know...

[Schoolbus image: Discovery Education]
[Hot cocoa image: All Things Clipart]


  1. We get snow here every couple of years, generally not more than a few inches--but sometimes we'll see 6 or even 12 inches. It's very hilly; nobody remembers how to drive in snow, and everybody slides around and crashes into each other and gets stuck. It's mayhem. I love how it pretty it looks while falling and early the first morning, but dread everything else about snowfall!

  2. Warren county was smart enough to call a snow day early. Yay!

  3. I'm far enough south (NC) that pretty much just an inch can close down the city - which is fine with me since I'm from TX and have absolutely NO idea (or desire) to drive in that weather.

  4. I'm trying to wrap my head around 3 inches of snow posing any kind of problem. That's just a nice coating around here...

  5. Your "cataclysmic 3 inches of snow" is the perfect description from everything I read on on facebook last night, including pictures from friends in western LoCo. You are so correct, the bar was already set really high for topping previous stupid decisions. Winter weather out in P'ville always brought the question, "Will Wayde call?"
    On the other hand... hey, SNOW!

  6. Tomorrow morning they are expecting temps to be 10 degrees with a wind chill of 0 around the time kids are supposed to be waiting on the school bus...so they have already called for a two hour delay! Got to love North Carolina!

  7. Did you see how kids hacked Prince William County public school's website?