Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Flu And Flue

There's been a lot of this lately
Susie's sick, for like the 3rd time in 4 weeks, to the point where I couldn't even take her to the doctor now if I wanted to, because I can't remember what happened when and I don't want to look negligent. But it does look as though this one she has now might be the flu. Let me not dwell too long on the fact that this is the FIRST year I managed to get Susie a flu shot, okay?

Anyhow, this afternoon, I took to my bed, because my head felt weird and my arms were heavy and I thought I was coming down with it, also. I lay there for about an hour, composing in my head the farewell blog post I would dictate to my husband once he got home, and then I got back up, because I wasn't sick enough to stay lying down.

I can't even do the flu right.

Photo of child's artwork, just because 
So I am feeling meh, but not awful, which is a good thing, because Larry is demanding I go to Home Depot tonight to pick out a utility room sink because the plumbers are coming tomorrow to reroute pipes and move our washer and dryer to the outside wall. This is a triumphant occasion for Larry, who has spent 20 years hating the fact that the dryer vent pipe has to travel all the way across the laundry room before it exits the house. Its length has caused all sorts of problems (excessive lint buildup, condensation, to name two), the result of which is he has spent more time maintaining that stupid pipe than he has on the rest of the house.

Okay, I'm happy about it, too, I'll admit it. That pipe has been a thorn in our sides for long enough. I am looking forward to an existence free of nagging Larry to dismantle it and clean it out AGAIN so that the dryer will once again be able to dry our clothes.

I can't believe we've been homeowners for 20 years. I thought that was for old people.

Oh, wait...


  1. Hi! I have been absent from the blogs lately. I'm sorry for all the sickness. I've had winters like that too and whoa but it's wearying. We also just got a utility sink, in the new house. TWO basins! I'm delighted. It's better than any gift of diamonds, I swear.

    1. I saw the picture! 2 basins is a great idea.

  2. I feel your pain with the dryer vent pipe. We had a condo with one like that. It took hours for things to dry. What an electric bill that was.

  3. I love that your art is doughnuts! My kind of picture. And hope everyone is feeling better soon. That flu sucks- it's been going through my workplace felling normally healthy people left and right.

  4. I, too, have been feeling meh for a week, with a scratchy but not quite sore throat, and feeling achy but not achy enough to lie down. I hope we both escape! I did not get a flu shot this season, so I feel 25% doomed.

    It's now already Friday. I hope that your new laundry facilities, complete with shorter dryer tube, are happily installed.

  5. New vent pipe! That's excellent! I know what you mean about those little vexing homeowner issues. They plague one.