Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I Bought Napkins, But Not Really

Remember my finger, the one I injured by reliving my youth? It's doing fine, hardly any bruising, no obvious swelling, so I'm pretty sure I didn't break it, just jammed the knuckle. Luckily, the injury hasn't affected my doing yoga, or typing, or knitting. But it does hurt when I am scrubbing sinks or bathtubs, putting a fitted sheet on the bed, washing dishes...

I mention this for the purpose of pointing out that I may have inadvertently discovered the PERFECT injury.

Also, because my life wasn't complicated and expensive enough with all these renovations, etc., going on, we had to purchase new toilet plungers recently. Apparently the high-efficiency toilets we've installed have a differently shaped hole than the 45-year-old American Standard ones that we are used to.

I'm not sure how much more change I can handle here, actually.

Larry picked out the new toilet plungers, because I'm not THAT much of a control freak and also he hadn't even been to Home Depot that day. He bought the ones with MaxPerformance Technology. I'm so proud.

You know, it seems to me that "high-efficiency" toilets shouldn't ever need a plunger, actually. I feel ripped off.

Let's talk about World Market for a minute, okay? There's one a few towns away from me, but I've never managed to actually visit it. At least every other month, one of my friends will share/show off some interesting or tasty or unusual thing, and I'll say, "Where did you get that?" And they'll say, "World Market." And I'll say, "Gee, I really need to go there some time." And then I never do.

But last Friday, at a knitting get-together, I noticed a drawstring project bag one of my knitting friends was carrying. Constructed out of an attractive cotton fabric, with just a ribbon threaded through a top casing for a closure, it was the perfect size to carry an incipient pair of socks, say, or the beginnings of a crescent shawl. "Oh, where did you get that?" I asked. "It's pretty!"

"This thing? I just made it out of a napkin that was on sale at World Market," she said, way too modestly.

(Let's note here that I have really creative friends, okay?)

So that's how I finally found myself inside a World Market today, asking some helpful sales clerk where the napkins were. He helped me find them.

I restrained myself and only bought six. Project bags for everyone, coming right up! Or that's the plan, anyway...


  1. Oh, I love World Market! But mine is too far away to be convenient...which is how I discovered ours closed a year after it did. *sigh*

  2. I hate that we don't have one. I used to love it when I lived in San Diego.

  3. There's a World Market right next to the Home Goods I frequent so I get to wander through there frequently. Always such cool stuff!

  4. I have never even heard of World Market.

    I am wondering that a toilet plunger needs to have Technology, much less Max Performance Technology. But I am wondering if we need such a toilet plunger, because we have the high-efficiency toilets, having been forced to renovate not one but two bathrooms in one year. Our flushes are so satisfying now!

  5. World Market is about a 20-30 minute drive from us, but now I just HAVE to make that trip (again), dangit. Would love to see your finished project!

  6. We have a World Market here, too. It could get a person in trouble, very cool things.
    I had NO idea about the plungers. Crazy. This bathroom adventure, between the cool toilet paper spindle and now this business.

  7. I agree with you about the new toilets and plungers. I mean, why else would you get a new toilet if it wasn't efficient?
    World Market is dangerous. I go there in time to get special German goodies for Christmas.