Monday, March 13, 2017

Paint Colors? What Paint Colors?

In a highly unnatural state of organizing fervor a few weeks ago, I deleted a slew of emails from my inbox in one fell swoop. There, I thought, I didn't need any of those. I'm a normal person now, a person without 10,000 emails sitting in her inbox.

Only I did need at least one of those messages. Remember upnitestx, the lucky reader who won a copy of the Yarn Harlot's Knitting Rules? Remember how I pestered her for a week or two to please email me her address so I could send her prize to her? And, being an obliging sort of soul who wanted to read the book she had won, she did as I asked.

Wouldn't it have been nice if I had sent that book right away? Because then I wouldn't be in the embarrassing position I am in right now, which is that of begging her once again to email me her address.

So upnitestx, if you're even still reading this blog, please resend me that address so I can mail you the book. And I promise I won't delete it again.

Clock at the DMV - abandon all hope, ye who enter here
David is visiting this week. I took him to the DMV this morning so he could take his driver's test. He needed to get his license so he could buy our old minivan from us and drive it back down to school. We decided to charge him the trade-in value for the van, which was $1250 (we like the kids to have some skin in the game when it comes to cars - they pay their own insurance, too). "But first," said Larry, "I'm going to have its yearly inspection done and have the garage look it over."

Yeah, he might as well have said to the guys at the garage, "Hey, would you please take my money?" By the time I got the van back, we were $1242 poorer, what with cracked rear bushings and worn-out sway bar links and all.

$8 - we made $8 on that van. I'm thinking we should host a TV show - something like those popular real estate shows, right? But instead of flipping houses, we flip cars. And instead of making any money, we end up in the poorhouse. Think of it - viewers could take bets on how much money we will lose on each deal.

I think I've found our niche.

And, no, I still do not want to talk about paint.


  1. Are you telling me that having 10,000 email messages in my account is not normal?

  2. So, let me ask a dumb question here. After you deleted them from your inbox did you also delete them from your deleted items? If not, then they are all still right there waiting for you.

  3. Maybe you only made $8 but at least D will be driving a safer van back to school! I think that is a good deal! At least you won't have him telling everyone how his parents bilked him out of money and left him stranded by the road with a broken down car. And I know used mini-vans are all the rage on college campuses. Hannah had one too.

  4. After promising to clean out The Husband's email today, I *almost* gave in and just deleted them all. That man needs to change his email habits.

    By the way, I'd watch that show!

  5. I know you aren't talking about paint colors, but I want you to know you are not alone. I am officially the worst paint color chooser known to man. We've had to repaint rooms after the horrid colors I chose. They always look great and inviting on those microscopic little cards. I poll everyone I know as a general rule now. I figure out whose house looks great, and I pester them to vote. I also have gotten GREAT suggestions from our realtor. She knows what colors are all the rage. I'd farm out rather than repaint!