Saturday, March 04, 2017

Mystery Shopper

Where were YOU on 26 Nov 2016? 
Look to the right, there. I found this receipt in an otherwise-empty bag in my room. I am puzzled, because - to the best of my knowledge - I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO THIS YARN SHOP. I don't even LIVE in Pennsylvania. Does this mean that, unbeknownst to myself, I've been frequenting yarn stores two states away and buying things there? Could that possibly explain how all this yarn ended up in my bedroom?

Actually, that might be a good excuse to give to Larry...or maybe HE's buying yarn now? What's going on here, anyway?

Susie has been sick since Tuesday. Same thing every day, no better, no worse: "weird" headache, sore throat, cough. It feels like Groundhog Day. I've watched more TV in the past week than I've watched in a year.

Turns out Susie really likes The Dick Van Dyke Show. That kid has good taste, right?

Last night Brian and Rachel semi-willingly watched The Front with Larry and I. One of those rare movies that Woody Allen stars in but didn't write or direct, it has aged well (it doesn't hurt that its topic is the blacklisting that ran rampant during the McCarthy era - just substitute Muslim for Communist and you've got a pretty good civics lesson there). Plus, Zero Mostel is fantastic in it - I would watch it just for him.

What I am saying is, watch this film. Even the teens were laughing at the funny lines (no one plays nebbish as well as Woody Allen), and the movie says a lot about a part of American history we seem poised to repeat today.

Not finished yet...

And, in a sharp U-turn away from politics (because, hey, we see enough of that on Facebook, right?), here are some pictures of my under-reconstruction laundry room. The image to the right shows off our washer and dryer in their brand new spot, with the discounted utility sink nestled up against them. Cozy!

Note the attractively spackled drywall in the background and the strategically placed paint-stained stepladder to the right. This ladder, my friends, happens to symbolize both our upward-aspiring renovation plans and the messiness that is their reality. It belongs to our handyman, so we'll just regard it as his silent commentary on our whole cockamamie basement project.

Not quite Pinterest-ready

The picture on the left? That represents the small section of flooring Larry managed to peel and stick on the plywood the night before the plumbers showed up to move the washer. Let me assure you, this was not a fun weeknight activity, especially under pressure. I'm betting that during this particular project, Larry revisited more than once the ill-advised optimism with which he first became a homeowner, an optimism that has been repeatedly doused with the cold water of reality (see above, re paint-stained stepladder).

Larry is leaving town next week. He says it's a business trip, but I'm thinking that - at this point - the thought of doing the rest of the floor might just be too much for him, poor man.

Tomorrow? Pictures of all the paint samples on the walls of the basement. I'm telling you, this family knows how to have fun.


  1. Well it will be beautiful when it's done. I hope that's soon.

  2. I guess the good news about the mystery receipt is that you only spent $25--that's light for a yarn store visit, for me anyway. More practically, did you get yarn from a friend, or in a swap, that might have originally come from there?

  3. Paint own personal hell...

    My advice - once you find one you like, paint the whole house in that color! That's basically what I've done and I feel like I am set for at least 10 years before I have any desire to ever paint anything ever again.

  4. Just wondering : How do you reach the top of the dryer where the commands are ? Maybe you climb on the handyman's ladder ?

    1. Yes, I do have a sort of stepstool. It's a pain, but we needed the space!