Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Photo Finish

Best gummi bears EVER
I forgot to take pictures with my phone yesterday, so I have no idea what I did all day long. And now I'm wondering how we used to keep track of how our days went. Did we write notes to ourselves? Dictate events into tape recorders? Incidentally, if something ever happens to me (car accident, say) and EMT's are paging through the photos on my phone to figure out who I am, well...I don't think pictures of the gummy bear bulk bin at Wegmans are going to help them much.

Modern life is weird.

Our very own Harry Potter bedroom
There's also a picture of the fun thing Larry did in the basement while he was tearing out walls - our very own Pinterest-y under-the-stairs storage space. If you look closely, you can see traces of the way too bright blue-green paint that we tried on the walls before deciding that, no, we didn't need the place to be THAT cheerful. Also, in the back of that cubbyhole there, you can see a bit of the insulation my husband has been intent on installing EVERYWHERE in this house.

Anywhoo, I had grand plans for this area, folks. I mean, just search on "under stairs storage" on Pinterest and you'll see the plethora of ideas people have implemented in this sort of space: wine racks, reading nook, playhouse, kitten cubby (all right, we don't own a cat, forget that one), pull-out storage shelves, etc. But Larry and the handyman won out on this one in the end. Andy wasn't willing to build the fancy shelves on rollers that would enable us to take advantage of the depth, and my husband wanted a place to shove all the camping supplies that we don't keep in the pop-up camper. The upshot being, we're just going to add doors so that Larry can hide Nalgene water bottles, hiking poles, and God-knows-what-else in there.

No one's a visionary here except me.


  1. We have under-the-stairs storage in our basement. First part---a closet with hanging bar, then behind that, a "secret" door about 2' high that leads to a "very secret" space. And when I asked for a safe, husband bought one and bolted it to the FLOOR in the very secret space. WTW? You have to be on your stomach to reach the safe and put in the combination to open it. I guess he wasn't surprise that he is the only one who uses the safe. Oh-the cubby panel is covered by a Gone With the Wind poster younger daughter has left behind. No thief would move that, right?

    And you have a Wegmans??? I am so jealous. The last time I visited a friend who lives in Shepherdstown, WVA, we stopped at a Wegmans on our way to her house from Dulles. What a wonderful place!

  2. I have three under the stair storage spaces. The one in the bedroom fits 4 guitar cases... not a problem everyone has, I know.

  3. We have a similar cubby built into our bonus room eaves. You have to basically crawl into it. My husband keeps all the Boy Scout camping gear in there. Occasionally I have to go in and get something and ALWAYS end up hitting my head. And cussing. There's always cussing.

  4. Yes, you are the only visionary here. Shelves on rollers would be the best way to maximize that space. Even if you aren't going to get it, I'm still jealous. We have no storage space here.

  5. Your youngest didn't claim it for a secret hide-away? What's wrong with kids today?
    My husband is probably jealous (if he read your blog, he would be).