Monday, March 06, 2017

A Lighter Shade Of Teal

Okay, I might not be the brightest bulb in the pack, but I sense that the person who sent me an email the other day may not really have read my blog. She wrote (and I quote):

From what I can tell, you are a trusted expert in the camping, climbing & hiking industry and the 1000s of brands/retailers on Hubba will want to connect and work with you.

Really, do ANY of the posts at this link scream "trusted expert" to you? Or do they say, hey, maybe this particular blogger should never be allowed into the wilderness alone?

Madness. Sheer MADNESS.
You know where else I shouldn't be allowed alone? A paint store, that's where. In the continuing saga of Larry Renovates the Basement, I am expected to find a paint color that will make everyone happy. This is getting as bad as when we did our cheap-o kitchen renovation - remember? With all the paint stripes on the walls and our neighbors coming in and voting and our handyman pretty much picking the color for us?

Good times, people. Good times...

Still, the kitchen does look fantastic. I don't know if we are going to be as successful this time around, however. Larry wants some sort of deep teal. We are painting the brick fireplace and hearth white, so that might work, but the kids say the teal (well, teals - we have a number of them on our wall now) are too dark for the rest of the room. Andy (our handyman, remember?) says the space is too big to be all one color; we need to break it up with a contrast wall (except that's not what it's called - what's it called, dammit?). I agree with Andy, but Brian (who does have a pretty good visual sense) thinks we're both wrong.

Accent wall - that's the word I was looking for. ACCENT.

So yeah, stay tuned for the big reveal - will the family go for jade garden? Or will tropicana cabana win the day? And will the handyman ever get his accent wall? All these questions and more will be answered...sometime....I don't really know when, actually.

You know, white's a nice color. How about some nice basic white?


  1. I'm with you. I always want white white white in the basement -just to reflect more light. The lighter the better down there.

  2. There isn't a simple color white. I'm very sure there are at least ten different whites. We had our house repainted in simple white - haha.

  3. OH but the problem iwth white is that there are a million different whites! I just painted some furniture in white and got it into the room and realized that the white trim in the room looks so creamy compared to the white furniture. I am choosing to ignore it because neither one is getting repainted! Good luck with the paint colors. I guess my gut would say go lighter if the room doesn't get much natural light. And I think the fire place being a different color would act as an accent wall. Where's Joanna Gaines when you need her???

  4. Just remember ... it took my mom MONTHS, as well as advice from a professional to decide an the color of the powder room. (that light blue color) and I won't even mention how long it took to pick the colors for the rest of the house.........

  5. The problem with white is there are a bazillion shades of white...just like the teal. Good luck finding just the right color!

  6. I'd lean toward lighter as well - unless your basement has lots of natural light.

  7. I'm a fan of bold colors--it will be fun to see what you pick!

  8. Wasn't the number 144 different shades of off white just a few posts into the past? I'm treating your blog like a closed book exam, so I'm not going back and looking.