Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Breaking Point

Susie spent the entire day with her arms around my neck or screaming. Except when I broke down after lunch and gave her a nap, which means that she will be up until 10 this evening. I am about to snap. I can see the headlines now - "Mother Charged With Leaving Toddler at Bus Stop; Lawyer Plans 'Justifiable Abandonment' Defense."

We had a case in the local news recently of a woman putting one of her kids in the car trunk during a longish road trip. While the dog sat up front. Maybe I've been a parent too long, but I don't see the problem with that. The dog doesn't bicker. The dog doesn't make weird sounds at a younger sibling until s/he cries. The dog doesn't insist on a McDonald's with a Playland. I can see where a parent could get to the point where the child needs to ride in the waaay back. Just punch a few air holes, you know? That mother had had enough, and she snapped. Like I am about to do right now, if this child does not stop standing on my kneecaps.

I'm okay, really I am. It's just been a long day. Longer than most.

Larry is getting home from work just in time to gulp down a late dinner and to accompany David and Brian to Cub Scouts. His evening's shot already - I might as well foist wide-awake Susie off on him. No reason for us both to suffer. And it beats leaving her at a bus stop.

Later, Much Later: It's now 10:15, and that child is still awake. I am never, ever letting her nap again.


  1. There is nothing like when a child is horrible during the day and needs a nap and then even if its a 10 minute cat nap in the car - that said child will then be up until 4AM. My oldest is like that. He hates to sleep, so he goes to sleep sometime around midnight, then is up around 6. And he is one of those who when he gets tired he gets more and more wound up. Add ADHD to that mix, and it makes for fun time. I can see why some parents would want to resort to things like nyquil and tylenol pm - really. Oh yeah - and the whole dog up front, child in the back seat, I can totally see it too. Makes complete sense to me, LOL.

  2. I'm laughing..but feeling bad for you at the same time. I know it's hard! Seriously...but it makes for a good post!

    Why is it that siblings make weird sounds until the younger sibling cries? Oh, and I didn't realize that was universal - I thought that was just in our house!

    Hope tomorrow is a better day, but thanks for the chuckle!

    - Heidi :)

  3. Ok, I am NOT advocating drugging a child, but two of my kids have neurological issues...one has epilepsy and one has PDD/Aspergers. T the neurologists advice, we routinely use Melatonin for the child with Ep and have seriously considered it at times for the other child. Melatonin is the chemical your body already produces to control the sleep cycle. We've just found that Austin doesn't seem to be able to regulate his levels well. We get a sublingual (meltaway) Melatonin at GNC. He is 48lbs and I give him 2 mg. I can almost always guarantee sleep within 30 mins. It is short acting and he has no "dullness" the next day.

    It's a thought and to me a MUCH better way then tylenol pm or the like.

  4. I think it is perfectly reasonable to put the kid or kids (hey, they can duke it out in the peaceful truck!) and let the dog ride shot gun. The dog doesn't say 'she's sitting to close to me' or say 'he's touching me' or roll their eyes at you or CRY!!!!!! I need a dog...


  5. My dog sits on my lap and shakes like she's having a seizure whenever she's in the car. Even that won't give me peace.

    Send Susie over here. She can fight with my boys; they're doing it anyway. Can she take a punch?

  6. She smacked Brian once, because he made Rachel cry. Pretty feisty, I'd say.

  7. A child in a trunk on a longish road trip? Sounds genius to me!

    I think minivans should be built with those windows that limousines have. You know the ones that are soundproof and the driver controls? Throw that in the package on the '08 Town and Country's and I'll be at the dealership tomorrow!

  8. Yes! My husband and I have often yearned for one of those divider windows! I can't imagine why they aren't an option already.

  9. Just put her in the trunk when it's time for bed. Problem solved.

  10. I love the irreverent take on parenting young ones. When they're teenagers they don't whine and stuff, but they still stay up wayyyy toooo late. They also sleep until noon, so it kinda balances out.

  11. Um, your teenage girls don't whine? Really? Not fair!

  12. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Whew.

    I can't let my kids nap either, or they're up all night. So. Not. Worth. It.