Saturday, October 27, 2007

Waiting for the Weekend?

It's raining! Yes! The kids are outside with their raincoats and boots (all except Susie, who is protesting the boot concept), checking out all the puddles. And I'm inside, with the door locked (just kidding). Peaceful, that's what it is in here - downright peaceful. Ahhhh........

Susie just had a moment of severe panic - she couldn't find her arm. It was somewhere inside her dress, but she didn't know that. And it was hard to help her fix it, because she was so distraught and I was laughing so hard. It's hard being 2 years old, you know. Reminds me of when Brian was 4 and couldn't get through the day without some sort of weird crisis - like the time he dropped his pants in the potty. That sort of thing doesn't happen much to grown-ups. So the next time you think your day is difficult, remember poor Susie and her missing arm.

I was felled by a severe migraine (severe, as in, if I could have found an ax, I would have chopped my own head off) last night, leaving Larry to supervise the post-dinner clean-up, read the bedtime stories, brush the teeth, and handle the zillion and one crises that tend to occur between dinner and bedtime. Then he arose at 7 this morning so that he could stand in line at DMV before it opens so that he can renew his driver's license. Yes, he's having a great weekend so far....why do you ask?

And now I'm planning to ask him for the afternoon off to go scrapbooking - poor guy. But I'm sure he'll get me back tomorrow, by embarking on some household renovation project that will require half the day in Home Depot and the other half rummaging around the utility room looking for stuff he needs. We do try to torture each other equally - this is, after all, a modern marriage.

Maybe I should go feed somebody - they're starting to forage for food that may have been dropped on the floor. I'm suffering breakfast fatigue lately - oatmeal, oatmeal, oatmeal, cold cereal, oatmeal, oatmeal, bagels, oatmeal.....we used to do scrambled eggs sometimes, but no one has a stomach for them after Susie's recent vomiting incident outside the science museum. Breakfast ideas, anyone?


  1. Breakfast, eggs?? Nah, we like eggo waffles and cold ceral too!! Hey they love it!! I bet the kids had fun in the rain. And oh I just hate when I loose my arm, ROTFL!!! Kids are so much fun!! Hope you feel better and get in some scrapping!!

  2. I am totally laughing at poor Susie. The trauma.

    My husband and I keep mental score too - "You went to the store by yourself," "You were on the computer for an hour while the kids were awake," "You went to the bathroom with the door shut."

    Oooh, migraines are awful {{shudder}}

  3. Cereal works for us, too.

    Poor Susie, losing her arm!

    Hope they didn't actually FIND anything - wormy - in the puddles.

    Happy scrapbooking!


  4. We like Eggo waffles also....

    You scrapbook?? I think we may be BFF's soon!!! LOL

  5. P.S.: Your gangrene comment had me LMAO.

  6. Thank goodness for scrapbooking as it is my refuge when I just need a little break. I couldn't resist and had to read about your vomiting incident . . . ick!, but at the same time very funny.

    Laughter . . . that's another refuge!

  7. Sue is referring to my comment at her very funny blog post today at

    Check it out! You'll love her.

  8. See all you other mothers make me feel so jealous, LOL. I am a cold cereal 7 days a week mother. Unless its a rare occasion I have some money, then its a hot meal at McDonalds breakfast, LOL. I will however do pancakes at dinner, or hashbrowns, eggs, and sometype of meat too, if that counts. To be honest, I am not the one who even pours the cereal in the morning, thats my 10 yr olds job.

    My mom will be here on Thursday and Friday, and the kids are off school Friday, (while I will be all alone at the hospital having the baby - YES, my break, LOL) and she was a little upset to find out that there was no school, and I told her to send them outback on the porch, and she said that sounded like a good idea. And to lock the door and stand there and say to them boo boo you cant come in, LOL. And my mom NEVER has all the kids at once - she is a one at a time grandmother - but she learns quickly the good things about door locks, LOL.

  9. We do the oatmeal because it is way cheaper, otherwise I would have the 10-year-old dishing out the cold cereal every day too! But I have trained the older kids to make the oatmeal - how's that for being lazy?

  10. I am seriously ROTFLMBO about Susie and her lost arm... I can envision the look of panic. Oh how we laugh at their pain and expense...