Monday, October 22, 2007

Caught Napping

Got my nap. Anna tried to ruin it by coming in at the beginning and demanding to know why she wasn't being allowed to go somewhere just because she was 3 weeks behind in schoolwork; so I explained to her how, if you want someone to grant you a favor, it's a bad idea to ask for the favor during that person's much-coveted nap time. She wasn't up to grasping this level of subtlety, so I had to resort to saying, "Get out of my room right now. " And she did. And my nap was great.

It's pathetic, but that was the highlight of my day yesterday. And today's highlight was my trip to IKEA. I meet a friend there a couple of times a year and we catch up on things and walk around and look at and discuss just about every single item in the store. Spending 4 hours like that is my husband's idea of a nightmare. Which is why I go with my friend instead.

I finally found a prepaid cellphone company that isn't going to make me buy a zillion minutes to get the cheap rate. Meaning we can keep our cellphone bills down to 400 dollars a year. That's less than 35 dollars a month for 4 cellphones, for the math-impaired out there. And there's no way a teenager can run the bill higher - when those minutes are gone, they're gone! We just have to keep the phones out of Rachel's grasp. There is always the chance she'll have a relapse and start flushing them again.

I've spent the last 10 days or so wondering why the boys' room still smells like barf. Today I finally got around to checking under the bed in there and...well, I guess Swiffering vomit isn't as effective as I thought. So I spritzed the whole area with Windex (only cleaning agent I could find) and wiped it all down (by hand this time) and then I went over the entire area with Lysol wipes. And it still smells in there.

Theo is sitting in the living room giggling (if a teenage boy can giggle, that is) over the ballpoint pen that Anna snapped in half in a fit of pique this evening. Girls are so cute, aren't they? Theo is planning to bring it in to chess club as exhibit A of "Why you may not want to date my sister..."


  1. naps are glorious, and always worthy of being the high point of your day!

    Thanks for coming by my blog!

  2. Wow. You went to IKEA? Great to see that you made it out of there. That is the single most confounding store ever. It's great -- their Swedish meatballs are fabulous -- but man it's so easy to get lost.

  3. Shopping with a Friend - there is no other way. My husband would rather have root canal than go to Ikea.

    - Heidi

  4. You have teens and you got a nap - I am so happy for you. Seriously, that would have been my highlight, too.

    try vinegar on the vomit.

  5. IKEA - I love IKEA, but I never get out of the house to go and actually enjoy shopping there (even when my husband was here, LOL) so I have to be cocntent to just window shop via the catelog.

    Good Job on your nap! Naps are wonderful, LOL. My older ones sometimes dont understand that when mommy is taking a nap you DO NOT come in and ask random questions or favors either, because that is the quickest way for them to get sent to their room for the day, LOL.

  6. Swiffering vomit doesn't work? Crap. I've got some work to do :)

  7. No nap for me this weekend... but I slept in until 10 AM!!!! WOW was that great!

    A nap and IKEA in one day, you are one lucky lady!

    I cannot get enough of the Anna stories, I am sure it's even better "live" from your prospective! :)

  8. I got a little confused when I first started reading this blog. A nap? What is that?? :)
    I too have tried to swiffer vomit up. Figured if I could stay a handle's length away I might make it through without gagging. Not the most effective way of cleaning it up unfortunately.
    There is an Ikea store opening near us soon. I am so excited! I have never been, but hear great things about it. Love your blog!

  9. IKEA makes my husband twitch, literally. He hates the crowds. I think it's worth it to get a $5 frying pan.

    The best purchase we ever, ever made was the carpet cleaner. With three littles and a puppy we've gotten plenty of use out of it.

  10. Try "Paws" for the vomit smell. I find it in the pet aisle of Walmart. It's to take out animal urine smells, but I also found it workd on 1. poo, 2. sour milk, 3. 6 year old's "accident" on the new mattress.

  11. I love IKEA. Even more, IKEA with a friend.

    And Anna. Always Anna.