Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sugar Babies

I have to say (again) that it is astonishing how many people are (still) googling "tornado costume." And the folks googling it this afternoon are really under the wire, as it were. I should give them the idea we finally came up with, since Brian has decided (are you ready for this?) that he wants to go as a bat after all. A bat. Not a tornado. Larry and I are definitely going to eat that kid's candy first.

So here we are, Halloween day, and the kids are already so sugared up that they can't see straight. For starters, I totally ran out of breakfast comestibles; so I fed them apple pie for breakfast. Then, they spent an hour this morning stuffing candy into treat bags (don't ask why we bother doing that - tradition, all right?) while freely sampling it to make sure it was okay. Later, Rachel bumped her head somehow and got a popsicle, so Brian and Susie had sympathy popsicles - the really junky kind that come in a box of 800 for 2 dollars and are comprised of food coloring and sugar and water. I think I managed to fit some real food in there for lunch, but my friend brought over ghost-shaped marshmallow thingies for dessert. Like bringing coals to Newcastle...

So...only 3 more hours to trick-or-treat. The baby has been screaming for candy pretty much non-stop today, and I myself am on Almond Joy overload. Now everyone is just dancing around in their costumes and asking when they can go out. Even jaded Anna is dressed up (and not as Medusa, as Theo had suggested). Whew - I don't know how much more of this I can take. I didn't even bother planning dinner. Nothing like making the kids sit down and eat something healthy when every other minute someone is at the door asking for candy. It's like trying to have a Weight Watcher's meeting at the Pillsbury Bake-Off.

David's robot costume came out great. All we had to do was cut some armholes in a box and cut a few pieces of dryer duct whaddayacallit, and he did the rest (which, um, fulfills my definition of a great costume, I guess - when the kid does the work). Rachel is a fairy princess or whatever you call a person wearing a very pink, floaty dress with a pointy pink hat. And toddling Susie is a round little pumpkin. But she refuses to put any clothes on underneath the pumpkin costume. Which makes it fairly risque (I mean, for a pumpkin) - spaghetti straps that tie into bows on the shoulders and nothing on the legs. Aside from the fact that I worry she will be too cold, I don't want to be one of those accused of sexualizing little kids' Halloweens. One minute they're innocently dressing as almost naked pumpkins; and before you know it, they're pole-dancing for college spending money. It's a slippery slope, isn't it?

Theo is thinking of dressing up, too - as a plumber (what can I say? Rachel's antics last year have really inspired him, career-wise). Why should he go to college, he wonders, if he can make all that money fixing toilets?

Time to go whip up some chocolate bars for dinner.


  1. Hee! Oh yes, the sugar high! And pass the Almond Joys; I fished mine out of the mix weeks ago and they're all gone :(

  2. He's going as *BAT*??



  3. "It's like trying to have a Weight Watcher's meeting at the Pillsbury Bake-Off."

    Ha! I gave up too. We had Panda Express for dinner.

    "One minute they're innocently dressing as almost naked pumpkins; and before you know it, they're pole-dancing for college spending money." Hilarious!

  4. My children were all hopped up on sugar by 10 am yesterday too. I ended up with no time to make a real dinner so my kids had peanut butter crackers, chips, lettuce (straight out of the pre-made salad bag), and dum dums. I feel as though the lettuce really rounded the meal out.

  5. I actually made dinner and I was the only one who ate it!! But we stopped at two places handing out hotdogs and drinks!! Nice, not like they ate it. It seems like we all have the same crazy halloween!! LOL!!!

  6. Ours ate so much candy that they just ended up having a glass of milk for dinner, and we were lucky to even get that into them. :)

  7. I love the Weight Watcher's analogy! We don't trick-or-treat..we've always just ditched and gone to Chuck E. Cheese for the evening. This year we stayed home and had a bday party for 3 of our girls whose bdays got kinda skipped due to the early birth of our baby and such...well, I just got done blogging about it and am too lazy to write it again but suffice it to say, I actually got them all to eat grilled cheese sandwiches before we began digging into the treats we had for the party. Our kids' highlight for the evening was that they got to pass out treats to the kids that came to the door! I think they liked that better than the party!!!