Saturday, February 02, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

And I thought Rachel's predicting my imminent demise was friend's son Jack (who is all of 5) walks around their house picking up items and saying, "When you're dead, can I have this?" Which is disconcerting enough, of course; but it becomes a thousand times worse when he asks the same thing of his visiting (and elderly) grandmother. He and Rachel would make quite a pair, don't you think so?

My friend called yesterday to remind me that I was hosting the boys' and girls' clubs for our homeschool group - in 20 minutes. My reaction?

I guess it had sort of slipped my mind. The good news is, it takes less than 20 minutes for me and the kids to scoop up all the detritus in our main living areas and deposit it in a heap on my bed. Oh, and close the door to the trash pit we call the laundry room. And all the bedroom doors, too. By the time people showed up, I was sitting on the couch, trying to smile and look relaxed (and breathing really hard).

Today, we watched it rain. And rain. And rain. The Midwest is inundated with snow, all the New England bloggers are complaining about the snow, it even snowed in Texas today, for heaven's sake; but we get rain. That bothers me. I wish someone would send their extra snow our way....

Oh, and Happy Groundhog's Day, y'all!


  1. I am so freaking sick of freaking snow. SO SICK OF IT. ARG.

    P.S. I tagged you.

  2. Careful what you wish for...we've been in a blizzard FOR DAYS. I'll send you a picture later today!

    Good job getting organized in 20 minutes flat. Now you know you can do it for next time... :)


  3. It's snowing while I type this and I'm happy because it's over 25 degrees here.
    I cannot believe you pulled off a home prep in 20 minutes. You are even more incredible than I initially suspected. My children and I would require a full hour. We're pigs here.

  4. No, we got rain all day Friday too. I can't remember the last Friday with decent weather. That's the day we go to the market, and I'm so tired of dashing through wet parking lots and running bags of groceries into the house through the pouring rain. It's sunny today, though. I suppose that means the stupid groundhog saw his stupid to check.

  5. I was happy that it was rain and not snow! I love the rain, and with each additional kid that I have added, I have begun to hate the snow. (and I used to be a snow lover, LOL)

    I am glad that my mother called me in the morning to tell me that the schools were 2 hours late because otherwise my daughter would have been standing at the bus stop for 2 hours, waiting for the bus, LOL. And the sad thing is, it wouldn't be the first time - nor the second. It would have been number 12 or 13. How sad is that? I know, bad mother.

    I know all about the 20 minute cleaning too, LOL. Good job on getting it done. Now how long did it take you to get your bed cleaned off?

  6. I'm almost embarrassed to post here, since I live in (sunny, mild) Arizona.

    Wow, a 20 minute cleanup! At my house, that's called a good start. I need to train my kids a little better.

  7. We don't even pretend to believe in Groundhog's Day in Minnesota -- because no matter what the overgrown rat says, it's another 8-10 weeks of winter for us. No ifs, ands or buts.


    OK. Now I'm depressed.

    Did you know "Groundhog's Day" is on TBS this weekend? I think it's time for a viewing.

  8. I'll take rain over snow any day, and twice on Sundays. :D Hey - what's the boys' and girls' club do?

  9. Right after our wedding, John and I divvied up wedding gifts in case of divorce. So maybe those things create longevity, hmmm?

    I hope the rain stops for you-- too many kids for rain!! It's unethical!

  10. We got snow. Lots of it.
    Where do you want it?
    Do you know if FedEx will ship it?
    I look out my window and all I can think is -

    Global warming??????


    HA! Not happening in this part of the globe.
    We are expecting another huge snowstorm tomorrow. My feet have been frozen since November. I'm anxiously awaiting the spring thaw so I can feel my toes again.

  11. I'm sorry that you don't have snow. I'd be glad to send you some of ours if I could.

  12. My boys are going through the "Can I have this when you die" stage as well. And they don't understand why it's rude to remind someone of their imminent demise, lol!
    Thanks for the visit!

  13. My grandmother used to stick little pieces of paper with our names on them on the bottom of her things - furniture, box of silver, etc. - with scotch tape. Every visit, we'd get the tour through the house: she'd nudge you and then show you what things you were going to inherit. Nice huh? Well then we noticed the names sometimes changed... And then we started changing them on purpose, just to mess people up. Once, my aunt, visited and then sent me an envelope with all the pieces with my name on them. (As a joke.) Well, my grandmother never commented on any of this, and just kept doing her thing. Not sure why I'm telling you all these boring details, except your post reminded me of our "family tradition."

  14. I did the 20 minute clean up last week when one of HRH's classmates' moms asked me to drive her at the last minute.

    I thought I'd done a great job too until HRH took her on a tour of our house - starting in my room (Land of the Lost). I know...she's five...luckily her mom didn't come in.

  15. I am so SICK of snow. SICK! OF! IT! You can have all of ours!

    My grandma tells all of us what we are going to get when she dies. It always scares me.

  16. All three of my daughters ask if they can have [fill in the blank] when I die. What's up with that? Oh, and even when they each ask for the same thing, I always say yes. What do I care? I won't be around to hear them argue about it.

  17. Love the kids' preoccupation with death.

  18. We did the unexpected weekend company cleanup the other night--it wasn't pretty; there may have been some death threats toward less-than-helpful teenagers involved.

  19. I have 20 feet of snow here with your name on it. In fact, I pretty sure ole Punxsutawney Phil had a heart attack trying to dig his way out of the snow.