Thursday, February 07, 2008

Aaack - No Title - Sorry!

Check out my weight loss ticker - down 2 pounds this week. Actually, I think the lady lied to me again. Those women probably just like messing with my mind. Either that, or the look on my face - you know, that look that says, "If my weight goes up again this week, I'm gonna wrap the cord on this scale around somebody's neck" - scared her into crediting me with some weight loss. Whatever. I don't feel any skinnier, that's for sure. I ate my Twix this evening though, I made sure of that.

I'm feeling lazy tonight - that's why I'm hyperlinking to all my old posts. I even get sort of annoyed now that I can't hyperlink in real life. I mean, when I talk to someone for real, I actually have to explain everything I'm saying rather than simply referring him/her to some past blog post. What a pain in the wonder it's easier to have imaginary friends than real ones. Also, the imaginary friends never ask you to babysit.

That last paragraph should worry me, but it doesn't. I've resolved to embrace this brave new world of Internet connectivity and networking and...and...whatever other buzzwords are out there, because what choice do I have? Do I really want to be the last person on Earth with a daily newspaper subscription? Maybe I'll even learn how to text messages this year. Then I could put my schoolmarm-ish past behind me and forget all those silly little niceties such as correct spelling and capitalization that were drilled into me as an impressionable young child growing up in the Dark Ages BI (Before Internet).....

Biographical aside - I almost went to the National Spelling Bee when I was 11 - that was back before these orthographical contests were dominated by professional homeschooled spellers; so far back that I can't even link to the newspaper article reporting my spectacular spelling success at the local level....

Quixotic - that's the word that tripped me up. Damn. I coulda been a contender.

It's late, and my fiendish neighbor is threatening to start knocking on my door again at 6:30 in the morning; so I'll sign off. And, for any gentlemen who may be reading this, remember - only one more week until Valentine's Day, so start panicking. You have a snowball's chance in hell of guessing what gift your sweetheart really wants. And we women love watching you guys sweat. (evil laugh here)


  1. I don't have any imaginary friends. They all said I wasn't cool enough and began hanging out with other people.

  2. I can tell you are thinner all the way over here.

  3. I know what you mean about internet friends. They're so much easier to have, and they don't even care if you chat with them while in your pj's.

  4. haha you are funny. You need a set of print-outs or something which you could carry around with you and then when you touch on a particular topic (or twix) then you can just hand them the relevant print-out and you won't have to bore yourself going over it all again. I know it's not quite hyperlinking but well, it might work?

    Well done on the weightloss. But why do you have to eat chocolate? I am confused and as you know I am allergic to hyperlinking (scared I might not find my way back).

  5. Imaginary friends rock!

    What happened with the title?


  6. I always want to do that hyperlink thing, too. But really, mostly just with my relatives, who are always calling to complain that they haven't heard from me in months. That's because everything I have to say is on the blog! And I don't like to talk on the phone!

    I am way to pre-coffee for my verification word:

    Hey, since you moderate your comments, couldn't you do away with the word verification thing?

  7. No pressure over here for Valentine's Day. Every time I hear the commercial about the woman who finds a ruby necklace in the microwave I want to scream. A piece of jewelry is supposed thrill me that much? We need a new car. I'd be mad he spent the money on a necklace.

  8. Am loving this whole blogging/internet house is a mess, the laundry is piling up, my children keep yelling at me about "whatever" from the other room, but, no matter how bad it gets, I know there is support out here!!
    Did someone say Twix??
    And "woohoo" on that minus poundage...I always hated the superior 'tude of some of those Weight Watcher scale monitors...try not to hurt anyone!!
    (at least until you've met your goal!!!)
    You go girl!!!

  9. You know, it's really ironic that you lost out on the spelling bee with "quixotic" because with your "imaginary friends" you really ARE like Don Quixote! I wouldn't start to worry, though, unless you start attacking windmills!! Say hello to Sancho Panza (would that be your husband?!).

    Your imaginary friend in Georgia.

  10. Ugh. Valentine's day. I have more fun helping my kids with their cards and treats for school. Mr. D and I don't celebrate it and you know what? I'm glad. It reduces the disappointment factor and then I don't feel all guilty either.

    Hyperlink? Is that like hyperactive?

  11. Hey I can text message! That's actually one of the few techy things I can actually do.

  12. Maybe your weight was down b/c you actually lost weight!

    Imaginary friends can also be a burden, however. My kids have an evil imaginary friend who bullies their nice imaginary friends. But then the nice imaginary friends gang up on him and beat him senseless.

  13. Oh, there's this commercial on tv (I've only seen it once and I don't know what it's for) but it's a guy sitting at his computer, beside a window which looks out onto his car in the driveway. Have you seen it? He clicks stuff (like his Ipod and Mapquest and stuff) out of his computer and moves the mouse over to the window and drops it into his car! It's the coolest. I said to my husband "Man! Why can't we do that IRL" and he said "I'm sure somebody, somewhere is workin' on it"

  14. I love my imaginary friends! Cuz they have these great ideas, like hyperlinking live conversations. That would be amazing, wouldn't it?

  15. congrats on the weight loss. i weighed in less this week too. what's up with WW filling the meeting area with food for sale? what is up with that?

  16. slow panic - I don't know, but I refuse to buy any....

  17. I'm absolutley with ya' on the hyperlinking. Dammit, I'm always interrupting myself... if only I could hyperlink!
    So THAT'S the benefit of going to meetings. I do it online, and my scale is cordless... I haven't seen 2lbs disappear in a while... I'm sensing a commercial for WW meetings in here somewhere.

  18. Yes, that would be so super fab if, in real life, we could just link to the background of a story without having to explain everything!!

    That's brilliant.

    And btw - texting rules. Honestly, you'll never have to talk to a live person again. Well, except your family.

  19. I would LOVE to be able to hyperlink in real life!
    Especially when talking to my children;
    ME:" Please do the dishes, this is the third time I have asked you!"
    KID: "No mom, this is the first time you have asked me."
    Now I would hyperlink to the previous two conversations I have had with this child concerning them doing the dishes, complete with date and time to prove it.
    I think you are on to something here. When you figure out a way to make this work, you will be a rich and famous woman!

  20. jill - I didn't even think of the childrearing angle; that would be great!

  21. I'm sorry, my mind totally dreft off after you mentioned TWIX. I love those things. LOVE THEM.

    Congratulations on the weight loss! Woot woot! I'd be happy with that!