Thursday, December 03, 2009

Role Reversal

Sometimes life is fair. Rarely does this occur, true - but it happens.

I was settling in at Starbucks this evening, plugging in my computer, ordering my hot chocolate. Aaaah! My cellphone rang. It was Larry, calling to tell me that I should pick up some ginger ale while I'm out.

Ginger ale. That can't be good.

"We have some in the pantry," I told him. "Did someone throw up?"

"Yeah, Brian did," he said. "So, uh, I guess I'll just, uh, start cleaning up here..."

At this point, I confess, I almost offered to come home. Someone was sick! There was vomit to clean up! And then I remembered - I'm working. Wasn't the deal that whoever was out earning money was not required to come home and clean up the vomit? Wasn't that the arrangement I had abided by during the 17-year-long pukefest that has been our life with kids (at least up until July of 2008)? Heck, yeah.

"Well, have fun with that," I said. "See ya later."

Sorry, Larry.

[For you statistically-minded people, that was 508 days without a puking incident in our household - an all-time record.]


  1. I'm sure this will skeeve you out, but, often the dogs beat me to vomit clean-up duty. I love my dogs.

  2. oh Yeah. I LOVE it.

    (Clean up the dog shit. I'll be home later, honey.)

  3. Puke statistics? I once kept a score card for my car. Laura never once threw up when I had a Jeep. When I got a Lexus? Well, at the time I sold the car we'd eventually named the Barfmobile, the score was:

    Jeep - 0
    Lexus - 10

  4. I almost bought ginger ale at the Commissary today. But then I thought, does having it in the house bring on vomit?

    508 days is pretty darn good!
    Glad you missed the breaking of the record. :)

  5. It's about time someone else cleaned up the vomit!

  6. I would love to have been a fly on the wall when he hung up, looked at the phone, sighed and started cleaning. Yep, sometimes life IS fair!

  7. At least he chose to do this while you were out.
    Last week Max got sick on our couch and I cleaned him up while someone else cleaned up the couch. I checked it later and ended up doing more cleaning. Apparently nobody else thought to look between the cushions. (and by then it had run underneath too)
    Here's an idea, get a feed bag type device that is required to be worn by any kid that is showing any sign of sickness, so if they throw up, it's all neatly contained. (disposable liners would be a suggestion so the bags may be reused)
    I noticed that you don't have your "kids, vomit, mice" tag line any more.
    It looks like the vomit is back, I hope the mice aren't next to return.

  8. I want to know how you kept score. Wrote it down? Just remembered the exact date from 2008? Marked it on a calendar?

  9. Oh dear. I recently blogged about Barf-Fest 2009 Thanksgiving Edition. We went three weeks and every person in the family including the cat but not including me, barfing and having diarrhea- sometimes at the same time. I hope it's one and done at your house. I for one, am sick of cleaning up messes and I'm developing a severe case of cabin fever. I realized the other night, when I went to rescue my cousin and her husband by the side of the road after they hit a deer, that I was WAY too excited to be out on that trip. I don't think I had even left the house for 3 days. 3 DAYS.

  10. I miss your tag "Kids! Vomit! Mice!" it's what attracted me to this blog in the first place.

  11. i would have stayed away, too. good for you:)

  12. Records are made to broken. Remember that.
    Bummer about the sick kid, though. You were smart to let Larry handle it.

  13. You GO GIRL!! You're awesome!

    I do so hope that it all turned out okay. You were prepared, so he had all he needed to do HIS job. ;)

  14. Wow! 508 days. We haven't even made it a year and currently everyone I know has someone throwing up in their house. I'm just hoping we get it BEFORE Christmas and not during. Kudos to you for wishing Larry well and remaining at Starbucks - just as it should be ;)

  15. yeah wow 508 days! wish it were like that around here, since November 15th I can't tell you how many times people have puked here, including me! Guess I need to keep track of puke free days to see if we get anywhere near 508!

  16. Vernors??? The world's best Ginger Ale? That is what you are wasting on your sick child? For shame!

  17. Bummer on the record now being ruined, but good that you were far from the disaster.