Friday, August 19, 2011

7 Quick Takes: No Theme This Week

Congratulations to Emily of The Sassy Lime!  She sounds like a person who actually knows how to use a $25 gift card from; so I'm glad that the random number generator picked her to win it.  Emily, send me an email telling me where to mail the card, okay?


Larry and David come home from their Boy Scout trek tomorrow evening - exactly 4 days too late to save me from the angry, rabid bat that was flying around my living room.  Thanks a lot, guys.  But don't worry - I'm saving the clogged toilet in the master bathroom for them.


Gosh, "master bathroom" has such a spacious ring to it, doesn't it?  It's a misnomer, for the room is tiny - as in 7 Dwarfs tiny.  Heaven forbid you want to dry your hair in front of the mirror over the sink - you're forced to choose between constantly knocking your right elbow against the (open) door or squeezing your body against the vanity in order to swing said door shut.  If you choose the latter, beware!  One of many small people in the house will open the door into your back as you attempt to straighten your hair without burning yourself.


Silver lining? The children learn some new vocabulary words.


My friend and I didn't dress like this.
A friend and I took our kids bowling today.  I won with a 94.  I know, we're pros.


Nine-year-old Rachel got a 94 also.  I told her my score counts for more, because she used bumpers and I didn't.  I don't know why she cried like that.  These kids need to toughen up and learn how to compete.


You should check out Conversion Diary, the host of 7 Quick Takes.  Jennifer toughens her kids up by leaving scorpions in their toy pile.  She's one tough dame.

[7 Dwarfs image:]
[Girl bowling image: Domm's Bowling]


  1. Do you ever quiz your kids on those new vocab words? :)



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