Sunday, August 07, 2011

Knitters Heart Miss Manners

Let's hear it for Miss Manners, who has backed me up on my long-held contention that knitting and talking with my husband do not have to be mutually exclusive activities.   In response to a question about the propriety of knitting in church and at other public venues, she informed her dear readers that "There is a centuries-long history of ladies quietly doing needlework while remaining alert to what was going on around them."  

The knitting blogs are abuzz with this official approbation of what we proper ladies have known all along: it is not only okay to knit in public, it is downright traditional to do so.  So back off, you non-knitting muggles!  We have pointy sticks and we know how to use them.

[knitting image:]


  1. Does this mean you can you knit and drive too?

  2. Now to convince my office manager...

  3. Never argue with a woman holding pointy sticks.

    But since you can't reach me, I have to admit, I really hate having a conversation with the top of someone's head. Just sayin...

    (And your blog still doesn't recognize me!)

    Mom on the Verge

  4. @Mom on the Verge - I don't know who you are trying to converse with; but there is plenty of eye contact at our weekly Knit Night. Maybe you were speaking with a novice knitter?

  5. Oh, THANK GOD!! I knit and crochet a lot and love to do it to keep my hands busy when I'm listening. I think I listen much better and tend not to daydream if I have yarn in my hands. Now let's just convince our bosses that it's OK during meetings....

  6. Madam Defarge had no trouble knitting while watching people be guillotined! In fact, I think it helped her knit faster, if I'm recalling right.

  7. My mil was knitting at my son's high school graduation. It was really quite sad for me to glance over during his choir performance and see her concentrating on her latest project. It felt like she was distracted from this once in a lifetime occasion. Maybe, as a non-knitter, I just can't understand.



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