Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Public Service Announcement

To the gentleman talking loudly on a headset in Starbucks this evening:

I'm sure that the developmentally disabled janitor whom you chose to instruct on the "quiet" way to move chairs appreciated your lecture on the importance of not disturbing the customers while he cleans up all the food they drop on the floor.  He was too polite, however, to let you know that your interminable phone conversation is WAY more disturbing to the other guests than is his method of mopping.  Also?  He really isn't paid enough to care whether or not he is interrupting your completely inane conversation.  And?  I am finding your graying ponytail and beard to be as pretentious as your voice is grating.

You're welcome.

[PSA image: Baton Rouge Today]


  1. You are more polite than I am--I actually say those things out loud.

  2. Your dude is probably related to the one who was flicking his ashes out the car window on the drive home, while we are under severe drought warnings, with amber signs along the roadway every three to five miles. (Yes, I alerted the authorities.)

  3. Sounds like a self important ass. Yech!