Thursday, August 25, 2011

Meteorological Meltdown

Our end of the country is experiencing a weather geek's dream - earthquake, tornadoes, flash floods, hurricane - it just doesn't stop coming.  The most entertaining part of all this are the comments on the Capital Weather Gang's Facebook page, comments like this one: "ECMWF is a good global model but is not necessarily the best for fine-grained hurricane tracks. I'd be looking at GFDL. HWRF is explicitly designed for this but their choice to stick with NMM core is 'interesting'."  

Those are the COMMENTERS, mind you, not the actual Capital Weather Gang professionals.  Weather geeks take things VERY seriously, apparently.

So I'm off to check on flashlights, batteries, water, etc.  I am fairly sure I won't find any of those items in our house, even though Larry and I have bought approximately umpteen thousand flashlights in the past 2 decades AND I purchase all sorts of batteries every single month at the commissary.  Tomorrow will undoubtedly be spent mingling with all the other flashlight-and-battery shoppers in the local stores.  That should be almost as much fun as shopping before a blizzard.  I can't wait.

On the up side, our upcoming camping trip has been canceled due to our not wanting to drown in our sleeping bags.  Which gives me more time to persuade Larry to buy that camper...


  1. We have at least 6 new flashlights and extra batteries, as the boys each had 2 when they went to boy scout camp and brought them all home. The question is, where did they put them after they brought them home and showed them to us.

  2. We have tornadoes around here but I can't imagine watching something as big as a hurricane bearing down on your house. Be safe!

  3. I can't speak for your children, but when I was young, flashlights were usually stashed between the bedframe and the wall so I could keep reading when I'd had my light bulbs impounded for staying up to read after my bedtime.'s possible I was unnaturally attached to books even by the standards of a reading child.

  4. I stopped at the store this morning for milk and was overwhelmed by the "end of the world" crowd. Silly me! I wasn't worried (although I did get the kids to pick up everything loose in the yard - bonus!), but I guess everyone else was. All the bottled water was gone by 10:30am. And we're 30 miles from the shore!

  5. Eeeek! I hope all ends well. Scary.

    We're just baking over here on the other side of the country. To a crisp.

  6. My husband seems to buy a flashlight every time he wanders near any type of hardware store or anywhere else that might have one. And yet we can never find one...

    Good luck and am I allowed to say I miss hurricanes? Weather with an attitude.

  7. Well now what? I finally finished reading all the way through your entire blog and you haven't posted since Thursday!!? I am left hanging . . .

    I am a first time commentor(er?), yes I have been lurking for several weeks. I almost came out of lurkdom to comment when you called out all lurkers and then I kept expecting to see my hometown on one of your posts. Lucky for me, you didn't mention me. LOL! Maybe since I read on my iPad, you can't see me? I know that according to my kids I am never on FB. I don't know if it's the same.

    I <3 your blog!! I have a rule though, that I can't comment until I have read the ENTIRE blog. (doesn't include comments but I read plenty of them anyway) I figure at if you are kind enough to give the reader at least a glimpse into your life, then the reader so be willing to catch up. But the truth is, I had a really, really hard time reading yours. Don't take that bad! You are so generous with your blog time, I kept getting sidetracked when you sent me off to look at the blogs! I have been suffering from a prolonged case of BLogging ADD. (BADD) haha, that's funny! (great, now I have Michael Jackson running through my head!!!)

    Anyway, this is getting long, I have TONS of things to comment now that I can. But I won't overwhelm you. I have 6 also but I started sooner and stopped later than you. My oldest is 21 and the youngest is 2. Oldest is married almost 2 years with a 3 month old little boy. I laugh when I clean out my fridge now (should I be taking pictures?), my husband has no less than 13,869 UNfinished projects, and he LEAVES me too! (the big chicken!), I don't knit but would like to learn sometime, The dishwasher makes me laugh(sorry, but it does), I have felt like that before. That would totally be me!! We have a dead suburban in our garage, just in case he gets time to work on it. Our City Manager has stopped by to ask about unfinished yard projects. So much in common!! I feel like you are writing about my life (mostly) on your blog. Keepit coming! Iwould love to be your imaginary friend!!


  8. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed reading. If you are using wireless to read the blog, you just may be the mysterious "Ranson, West Virginia" that I called out a while ago for lurking and not commenting. I know when I use wireless, it looks like I am reading from a different part of the country. May be the same with you...

  9. I hope you all came through unscathed.. I was watching the news and it sure does look like a mess...

    You should check out Jason's glamping blog post..

    Happy Monday!