Wednesday, August 24, 2011


For The Bloggess's sake, I sure hope God has a sense of humor.

And I'm loving all the advice I'm getting on the camper (in)decision.  But just so you know, it's not a choice between the camper and a dishwasher.  I've just inherited a dishwasher (glory, hallelujah) that I have high hopes for.  That is, if Larry can ever get around to installing the thing - he's been too busy lately strenuously ignoring all the pictures of campers I leave up on the computer screen.

It's late.  That's all for tonight, you delightfully helpful people, you...


  1. Oh. I forget to comment. I am so jealous that you guys may be getting a pop-up. We've been talking about one of those for almost a year. We figure the kids'll be old enough next summer. I may get a part time job to help pay for one. They aren't just tents on wheels. They can have shoers and refrigeration and stoves and all kinds of stuff. Camping without camping! That is the deal.

  2. A dishwasher for you! The apocalypse MUST be upon us.

  3. Earthquake? Hurricane? Working dishwasher? Verily, the end is nigh.