Monday, June 04, 2012

Grounds For Desertion

My husband left me again.  This scenario is getting old.  And Theo is in Tunisia, on some ROTC humanitarian cross-cultural learning thing.  I know he is there, because he posted pictures to Facebook that have the Mediterranean Sea in the background.  Tough life.

Let's see, Larry's away on business...Theo's gone...

I'm thinking we'll be having pizza for dinner.  Repeatedly.  And Lord help us all if any bats show up in my living room while Larry's away, like last year.  In fact, Theo and Larry chased one out of the basement just a few weeks ago.

I know!  The fun never stops around here.

So, tonight I did something I haven't done in years - I watched a movie all by myself.***  You see, it's hard for me to enjoy watching a movie at home because our TV is downstairs in the family room -- the family room that is always a mess, what with the toys and games and the hulking brown cabinet and the extra filing cabinets jammed with I-don't-know-what that Larry refuses to get rid of.  Oh, and the rarely-used exercise bike that makes me feel guilty...

Tell me, where do these folks stick their extra junk?

You know, I see other people's family rooms that look so fun to sit in, with their big TV's and comfy couches and NO JUNK, and I always wonder how they manage to get them that way.  I guess I should just move the TV up to the living room, which tends to be fairly uncluttered (because I throw everything downstairs); but then we wouldn't be able to watch anything rated higher than "G," lest our young innocents hear the cinematic goings-on up in their bedrooms.

Apparently, watching a movie around here is as complicated as getting some exercise.

***Well, I needed David's help to get the DVD-thingie started; but after that, I was on my own.  He refused to watch anything labeled a "romantic comedy" - even a quirky Woody Allen one.  Midnight in Paris - it was great.  I highly recommend it.  Unless you're David, of course...

[pizza image: Pizza Brothers]

[family room image: Life123]


  1. No blogger should put a slice of pizza on their blog when West Coasters are still up and reading blogs and dieting. You're in time out young lady.

    1. Of course that made you hungry - that was a picture of authentic New Jersey pizza. I was drooling a bit myself.

  2. It's my turn to leave my husband this week. But then he leaves 36 hours after I get back. So I should enjoy that 36 hours of feeling refreshed, right?

  3. I'm leaving my dh this week, but I'm taking the 2 lovebirds with me, so that doesn't really count...

    Eat pizza! And throw a sheet or blanket or something over that exercise equipment and it will shut up. ;)

  4. We go through periods where the family room is fairly presentable, and then my kids start making crafts while they watch TV and not picking up the scraps and then the snacks wind up in there and then it's horrible and they are banned from the family room for a while until it looks good again.

    But clever storage helps with junk. We have a whole bench/footrest thing in the family room that flips open into just a big box for whatever. Plus a couple of shelves in that room reserved for uncatagorizable things. Mona's Valentines that we're not supposed to throw away? Shelves of limbo. Quinn's favorite stick? Shelves of limbo. Some cord that we're not sure what it goes to? Shelves of limbo. (Someday I will do a whole blog post on the shelves of limbo.)

  5. You would feel right at home in our family room. I liked Midnight in Paris a lot. I think that couple is sitting in an Ikea showroom, which means they will be screaming at each other in minutes. You had the better deal.

  6. We have one TV and it's in the basement. The "playroom" is totally old school with hideous carpet/stucco walls (and CEILING) - and a semi-destroyed couch. We don't even try to make it nice. But I still watch my shows down there when Chris is away. I just tune out my surroundings.

  7. My house currently isn't my house because we're in 'stage the house so we can move' mode. It's all sorts of messed up and I keep wondering how quickly my house can sell so I can have all my junk back! I MISS IT.