Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Lite

Our long-suffering townhouse neighbors have figured out a way to exact revenge.  Either that, or it's a normal thing to start tearing up one's kitchen floor at 11 PM on a Friday.  So, yeah, getting to bed early this evening didn't quite work out for me.  I don't really mind, as I have to finish up my work contract, anyway.

Of course, once I do that, I'll be unemployed.  But at least I'm not enduring the agony of a DIY kitchen remodel.  And maybe the lack of extra income will keep Larry from tearing out any more walls in this house of ours.  One can only hope.

Pretty, but definitely beyond our skill level
I hope no one is expecting an uplifting post about Easter here.  I've spent the week pretending it wasn't bearing down on us; so now I have to spend tomorrow racing around, searching for eggs suitable for dying.  No one here has ever quite gotten over the trauma of that long-ago Easter when I bought eggs with brown shells by mistake.

For the record, brown plus any color?  Equals brown.

I do give myself credit for the fact that a few years ago I convinced the kids that the perfect Easter dinner would be ham sandwiches and make-your-own ice cream sundaes.  Feel free to copy my awesomeness.  I don't know about you, but I have no desire to cook a big dinner at the beginning of spring.  Thanksgiving?  Yes.  Christmas?  Certainly.  But spring, when it's actually nice outside and there's no need to hunker down in the kitchen and churn out carb-laden comestibles?  No.  Absolutely not.

Okay, time to get some work done here.  Over and out...

[Easter eggs image: Just Short of Crazy]


  1. Good luck with your final project. Go out strong, girlfriend!
    I like the idea of self-serve on holidays.

  2. I could never figure out why we don't have a holiday hike instead of making some poor grandmother, such as me, spend the day cooking. It's Easter. Why do we eat ham? Why do we eat eggs?
    Why do we eat green eggs and ham oh, Sam I am.... whoops wrong track.
    My kids don't live close to us so we usually go ride the back roads and take in some nature on Easter Sunday.
    Cook? I love your ham and ice cream I would be into that.

    1. I know - just the thought of being stuck in the kitchen on a nice spring day and making a hot meal that no one even wants is enough to make me weep.

  3. This is why I buy the pre cooked spiral sliced ham. And serve it cold. All I'll be cooking tomorrow is asparagus and heating rolls

  4. Cooking a huge Easter dinner feels so wrong, especially when you've been eating chocolate all day.

  5. I will feel free to copy your awesomeness. I do it a lot ;-)