Thursday, March 21, 2013

Open Road

Okay, I'm back.  I just needed to recover from last weekend's mulch extravaganza.  Plus, Theo is home for Spring Break -- his LAST SCHOOL VACATION EVER, because he will graduate and be commissioned in May and will belong to the Army for at least 4 years.  So I needed to spend a good amount of time just looking at him and telling unsolicited stories about his childhood to anyone who would listen (no one).

I swear, it feels as if it were just yesterday that I wrote this post about his first leaving for college.  YESTERDAY.  And now, here I am, waxing maudlin all over again. 

If I ask nicely, maybe he'll give me a ride...
 Also, he bought a brand-new used car this week.  Larry helped Theo shop for it and then left him at the dealer to finish the paperwork and drive it home.  "By himself?" I asked.  "Can he do that?"

"It's HIS car," Larry said.  "He has a license.  Do you want him to have training wheels or something?"

Well, yes - something like that.  The thought of his being allowed to drive HIS VERY OWN CAR home from the dealership struck me as absurd as Larry and I being allowed, over 21 years ago, to walk out of the hospital with our very own baby, as if we actually knew what we were doing.  Crazy, I tell you - just crazy.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go and warm my shoulder, which is sending me twinge-y pain messages.  It's the left one, the one I seem to have injured during the many years I spent hoisting up hefty toddler legs in order to clean poopy bottoms. I believe the medical term would be "diaper shoulder."  But, hey, I'm not complaining.  Now that all my children are driving off into the sunset (have I mentioned that Anna bought herself the cutest little used pickup truck ever?), it's all I have left to remind me of the good ol' days.

Well, that, and the other 4 kids who are still at home...


  1. My 11 year old just returned from one night away at a school camp and she had a wonderful time, but never wants to be away from us again. I told her should could stay with us forever and she looked relieved. Your post makes me think she'll change her mind one day, and I'm already sad about it.

  2. Congrats to your son on his new car. How nice for him!

    Hope your shoulder feels better soon.

  3. Really, it won't be that long until it's Susie going away to college. I imagine that will be very weird for you.

    (And how anal is it that I looked at your sidebar to make sure I was spelling your child's blog name right? Which makes me wonder- do you ever call your children by their blog names? I would find the two names thing very confusing...)

    1. I often call them by their blog names. It's pathetic.

  4. Wow. Buying his own car. Alone.
    Yeah, that's a seriously big milestone.

  5. this really strikes a chord with me. my oldest is only 15, but i'm very involved with my sisters 4 kids (3 are over 18) and i know how fast this all happens. i'm trying to put on the brakes and slow it down. to be so proud and so sad together - i'm sure it must be the very origin of the word bittersweet.

    and i sometimes call my kids by their blog names too - once when talking to someone who didn't know about my blog. i know she thinks i'm a lunatic, forgetting my own child's name!!

  6. If I had to remember blog names and real names I would just give up!

    It all does happen fast but I'll tell you when I was 25 and bought a car from a dealer I wish my dad had been with me!!

  7. I thought it was bad when my 21yo got married, but really, I have less trouble with him having a wife than having bought a car of his own. Of course, he only paid $50 for his... it doubles in value every time he fills the gas tank! :)

  8. There will be a day that he will like those stories of his childhood.
    The car, I want training wheels on some of them. There are drives that need them.
    That and a device that blocks cell phones.
    It is a whole new dance when the babies learn to fly.
    Good job mom.

  9. Yay for having your oldest home again! Is this the one who COOKS?

    Sorry about your toddler shoulder. I have minivan shoulder -- from reaching around between the seats to feed/whack/clean children in the back seat. The doctor calls it bursitis, but we know better.

    1. Yes! He made us a chicken with vegetables stir-fry and lemon bars. And I get minivan neck, myself, from twisting around and trying to reach things. It's very painful.

  10. They just won't stop growing up.