Sunday, March 17, 2013

Man Cold

We food-tent ladies did not dress like this.
I have just survived another Boy Scout Mulch Weekend, festivities I used to wisely refrain from participating in, until I got roped into running the food tent. Pretty much all day Friday and Saturday were taken up by running to Costco, setting up the tent, feeding hordes of hungry boys, reheating food on camp stoves, and praying for the rain to hold off. All of which would have been okay, had Susie not been up in the wee hours of Friday morning with the croup, meaning I didn't sleep and then had to squeeze in a doctor's appointment before the Costco run; and had Susie not been weeping with exhaustion by the time I was able to leave the food tent on Friday evening (a scene repeated on Saturday morning and Saturday night).  Also? Sometime during my all-night croup vigil, I managed to catch the same cold.

So, yeah, I felt AWESOME during all this.  Short on sleep, sick, and stressed as hell listening to my neglected daughter cry...

So, today!  A day blessedly free of mulch, and guess who has the cold now?  Larry, of course.  Only he's a MAN.  He keeps reminding me of how sick he is and how HARD he worked yesterday.  Join the club, buddy - join the damn club.

 22 years of marriage, and he still doesn't realize I can out-bitch his grumpiness?  What's up with that?

[Scouts image: Punching Kitty]
[Man cold image: Cloudy, With a Chance of Wine]


  1. It's not just a cold, it's a "man" cold. Oh, my word! I love that. I always feel like such a horrible wife when Rainman is sick because he really is such a baby that if I do take care of him there is always and I mean always eye rolling going on behind his back. We need to invest in one of those fainting couch thingies so he can lounge dramatically on it bemoaning how his throat hurts and his head aches.....Feel better soon!

  2. In our house, I'm the one who whines excessively when I get a cold. But yes, I have to soldier on with my Mom-tasks nevertheless.

    If food-tent ladies dressed like the ones in your photo then attendance at Boy Scout food events would skyrocket.

    1. I'm thinking a couple of us would scare people away in that get-up. Those girls haven't had 6 babies, that's for sure.

  3. a MAN-cold. Ha!
    You are superwoman.
    I'm curious what kind of merit badges those gals earned on those to speculate?

  4. Men = slow learners. It's the Y chromosome and testosterone, which does terrible things to the human brain. Also, they don't grow and deliver babies from their personal bodies, so never develop the associated stamina. That is why small colds fell them!

  5. Ah. Mine came down with a cold this weekend. Fortunately, he's not so much with the whining, and is pretty self maintaining. I just make sure we have plenty to drink in the house, and that the stock of cold medications is not depleted. And occasionally apply snack food (well known to have a therapeutic effect.)

  6. I love the Man-cold verbiage! This will be ever so useful in the future.

  7. I'm pretty sure I've had a man-cold myself for the last few weeks.

    You're a good Scout mom--reliable :)

  8. What a superwoman you are! Hope you all feel better soon.

    Most of us just carry one no matter how sick we are and men just fall apart. I was surprised when my husband acted like this because he didn't have a nurturing mom. I decided it isn't learned behavior - it must be part of the DNA.

  9. The resident man in our house gets REALLY bent when I don't show enough respect for his illness, even if it's the same illness I have too and know for a fact isn't going to kill him.