Monday, March 25, 2013

Wardrobe 911

I decided to try on a couple of pairs of jeans yesterday in Kohl's, when I took Rachel there to buy a white blouse for choir.  That was a big mistake.  BIG MISTAKE.

I've been watching what I eat ALL WINTER, dammit.  I'm really fed up with this disappearing waistline thing.  In fact, I'm ready to ditch jeans all together and just wear elastic waist pants from now on.  Let's see, I think I saw some decent ones at Lands End...maybe you should all help me out here.

How about these?  The problem is, do I need to get all new shirts to go with them?  Shouldn't I be wearing more of a tunic-length with pants like these?  And what about shoes?  I can't wear Dansko clogs with these, can I?  That would look weird, sort of like hooves, right?

See, Larry wonders why I am walking around in jeans that are too tight and full of holes, because he doesn't understand that one simple purchase morphs into the mind-boggling exercise of revamping my entire wardrobe.  I could weep.  And not just because the button on my jeans is digging into my stomach....


  1. Myssie1963March 25, 2013

    Have you tried Old Navy jeans? They offer some with stretch fabric and I find them comfortable and as attractive as I can expect, since I am a size 14-16. They are pretty reasonably priced, too, especially when they're on sale.

  2. I need new jeans but it's such a process I can't bring myself to go look. Much sympathy.

  3. Have a look at these:|pant-SR0&page=perfect-fit-pants-boot-cut

    The boot cut is flattering to the height challenged among us.

  4. The problem with Old Navy Jeans, in my opinion, is the low waist on all styles, which never stay up on those of us ladies whose waists have left the building. I love NYDJ which, (while terribly spendy) have addressed this issue and offer flattering rise-heights, a bit of spandex, and stay up AND make you look a bit slimmer in the bargain. (No cupcake top!) I have a couple of pairs and if I were rich I'd have more. Both Lee and Levis offer a few styles with a touch of stretch plus a higher rise --my two must-have features.

    Boy, I miss the olden days, when I could grab a pair of 501s off the shelf and look cute as a bug. Now there a hundred choices and almost none of them look (or feel) so good. I wish I could wear yoga pants (Love my Old Navys) seven days a week!

    Let us know what you find!

  5. You said it--any new thing requires such a wardrobe makeover that it boggles my mind, too.
    Where does it end?
    First the jeans..then the top...then there's a question of what to wear OVER the top--longer sweater? longer coat?
    And footwear.
    I may revert to wearing burlap sacks by the time I turn 60.

  6. Danskos go with everything.

    However, I am fashion-challenged and living in yoga pants these days, so you might want to ask someone else.

  7. I know they can be expensive, but jeans are something I am willing to pay good money for IF they fit well. I like Ann Taylor's Curvy Fit. My waist is smaller in proportion to my hips. I find I can order a size smaller than normal in the Curvy, which makes me at least feel good about them. AND, they have some stretch to them. The only complaint I have about them is that they are super long and have to be hemmed. That's annoying, but they last so well that I think it is worth the extra money. Wait for a sale, and order online AFTER you've been to the store and tried them on.

    1. See, it sounds like those are for "pear-shaped" women. I'm an apple, myself. But I'll definitely mosey on over to Ann Taylor to check it out.

  8. I'm still hoping that painter's pants come back in style. My slimming, stylish bootcut jeans have thighs like cones. They only fit when I'm standing up; otherwise, they wedge up on my thighs. Ugh.

    I'm a big fan of LL Bean. These are my embarrassing mom jeans. ;)

  9. I love dansko clogs, but they do seem to look best with bootcut jeans. :( I have one perfect pair of jeans and I compromised them by kneeling on the floor of the shower while I was cleaning with a bleach cleaner, so there's about to be a hole in the knee. Soon I will be joining your quest for another perfect pair. BTW, I am partial to the AG tomby jean. Very expensive, but I have gotten a LOT of wear out of them.

  10. I wear Dansko Clogs with just about everything: jeans, skirts (knee length and maxi), capri pants ... even with a bathing suit coverup.

    Lately I've had some luck with Macy's Charter Club jeans, but don't quote me here. I have good days, and some not so good days.