Saturday, March 02, 2013

Ticket To Ride

Is it possible to be too tired to blog?  Because that seems to be the situation here, for no apparent reason.  Just popping in to tell you that my train ride yesterday was like a mini-vacation, only better, because I didn't have to pack for anyone but myself.  I read, I knit.  I finished one pair of socks and started another.  Sometimes I just stared out the window, enjoying the silence.  And I hit the jackpot on the return trip - a pair of seats facing another set of seats, ALL 4 TO MYSELF.  In the quiet car. 

Sometimes, fortune does shine upon me.  And I do appreciate it.

My train didn't look like this, however.

Oh, and yes, there was a funeral.  But I got to see my dad and some cousins I haven't seen in years, and I met other relatives I didn't know I had.  All in all, a good way to spend a day, if you forget about the death part.

Do I sound callous?  It's just the exhaustion speaking, I swear.  Come back tomorrow, when I shall strive to be properly mournful.  Also, you'll get to hear about apples and farmers' markets and suspected murder.  It's like The Orient Express, only without the train or the suspense.


  1. The group of train seats to yourself in the quiet car sounds like heaven.

  2. Ditto what Korinthia said...sounds kind of blissful, actually. And I wish I could knit. Sorry about your aunt....

  3. First of all, yes you can be too tired to blog. Also, a funeral is always a good excuse to catch up with old friends and family. It is the truth so it can't be wrong, right?

  4. The memorial service for my stepfather involved some really wonderful family time, getting to know his brother and SIL, nephews, niece, and so many more. Family time and family stories make for a terrific time. It's just too bad we are there together for a sad reason.

    Now I want to take a train ride...

  5. I remember the days when any new experience on my own and especially when it was quiet seemed like a mini-vacation. No need to apologise!

  6. If nobody is asking you to do anything for them, that's a vacation. Seriously.