Friday, May 17, 2013

The Dangers Of Exercise

So, I've finally come down with the stupid cold/sore throat thing the younger kids have been passing around for a couple of weeks.  I'll have you know that, as of this morning, I was still going strong.  I did my tummy trimmers video, took Susie to the dentist, bicycled to the bank with the 3 youngest, and did a 3-mile power walk with a friend early this afternoon.

Going through a lot of these...
But exercise is obviously detrimental to my health.  Because, after that walk, everything went to hell, head-nose-and-throat-wise.  Also, household-wise -- I think the kids ate ice cream for dinner.  I don't really know, because I have a sort of "Don't ask, don't tell" policy on that sort of thing.  But I sure as heck didn't hear any whining from the kitchen while I napped upstairs.  And there seemed to be some clinking of spoons going on. I was too sick to care.

And now I'm awake at midnight, because I had that nap.  Also, the caffeine in the Excedrin Migraine I've been popping is keeping me up.  The Sudafed isn't helping matters any. 

Words With Friends, anyone?  Just start a game with suburbancorrespondent.


  1. On the bright side, it's not drug resistant tuberculosis, right? Feel better soon.

  2. The jury's still out on that one. That's the fun about hypochondria - anything is possible.

  3. You're making me wish I had a phone capable of playing WwF. I'm awake at midnight because it's the night before I have to be up early. That's how my insomnia rolls. And now I'm thinking about googling symptoms... my lips feel funny...

    1. I play on my IPod Touch. You can get a 4th generation 16 GB for 200 dollars. No monthly service fees. Mine is almost 3 years old now.

  4. I had a cold this week too and I think that my kids ate cereal for dinner ! Feel better

  5. Ice cream is high in calcium.

    I hope you feel better.

  6. Well this is days later but I just started a game with you.