Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Was it only three years ago that I penned (oh, okay, typed) this joyful screed? You know, my announcement of our new (well, new to us) electric range, one with 4 working burners and a double oven? The one we found on Craigslist, after many aborted trips to appliance stores?

It had such promise.
Well, like all my appliance infatuations, this one was doomed to failure.  What we have now is a range with exactly zero burners that produce a proper simmer and one burner that only works when it darn well feels like it; PLUS the bottom oven (the large one, the only one that will fit something higher than a pan of muffins or a lasagna, say) keeps turning itself off.  OFF.

It's always been a tad temperamental in this manner, and we became accustomed to listening for the double beep indicating that the oven thinks it's quitting time.  We even developed a protocol to deal with the problem - just wait 5 minutes and then turn it on again. Oh, it got a little dice-y on Thanksgiving, what with jumping up every 15 minutes or so to coax the oven to work just a little longer, but it still beat chopping our own wood to heat an old-fashioned cookstove, right?  And it definitely beat endangering my marriage by attempting to purchase a new range.

 But now? Now, it won't stay on at all.  Which means only one thing - Larry and I need to head to Best Buy.  Together. Pray for us.

And feel free to use the comments to recommend any stove you have actually been happy with...


  1. Or you could head out to the woods with axes...

  2. I have always wanted a double oven. Sorry yours didn't last very long. Good luck with the search. I hope you both make it out of Best Buy alive and with a nice oven!

  3. Ceramic stovetop, 4 burners plus warming station and convection oven. Which I adore. I'll have to look at the brand when I get home.

  4. I'm partial to Kenmore appliances. I have a 5 burner gas range that blows my socks off with every meal. Everything cooks faster so I have to be careful. I love it!