Wednesday, April 09, 2014

The Plague, Revisited

New illness rampaging through our household - some high fever/headache thing that has been going around. Ran out of kids ibuprofen, went to the store to get that and a few other items, and came home with (can you guess?) everything BUT the medicine we needed. Kept falling asleep at random points throughout the day, but managed (with the kids' help) to bake a birthday cake for Brian (14! Tomorrow!) and scrub my kitchen floor (out-of-town guests! Tomorrow!).  Not bad for a sick day, right?

Have to go cuddle Susie now, poor little sickie that she is...


  1. Sounds like the bug my older son had the other week. Lasted a good five days, too. (And today my younger daughter came down with a stomach bug, of the poo variety. Joy aboundeth.)

  2. Target?
    Dang, sorry you are sick with a birthday and guests on the horizon.

  3. Yuck. Hope everyone is well soon.

  4. My husband is acting sick right now but I think he's just trying to get out of cleaning for Easter.