Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sugar Improves With Age, Right?

Last night, once the girls were in bed, I pulled out the plastic Easter eggs I had thriftily saved from last year (a first!) so I could fill them with jelly beans and hide them around the living room.  Only, I couldn't find the jelly beans I bought earlier this month. One bag from CVS (oh, all right, there were 2 bags from CVS, but one sort of, uh, got empty) and another bag from Harris Teeter ( to replace the mysteriously empty CVS bag) - both gone missing, on Easter Eve.

Luckily (or not, depending on how you look at it), I found 2 old bags of jelly beans I had bought at a post-Easter sale last year, as insurance against a rainy day.  (What? You don't let your kids play "Easter Egg Hunt" when they are bored and you need a break?)  Feeling desperate, I ended up using the year-old candy, even though the insides of the bags were sorta glued together with decomposing sugar.


Anywhoo, the point I am trying to make here is that the lost holiday stuff ALWAYS shows up once I no longer need it. It's almost a family tradition, really. So tonight, as I was tidying up the kitchen (because, yes, sometimes I DO do a little housework around here), I found both new bags of jelly beans, each hiding in a different kitchen cabinet, and each totally useless until next spring. When I will use them to replace the 2015 jelly beans that go missing, I guess...

Like I said, I'm big on tradition.


  1. LOL I thought you were going to say you found them in the eggs already.

  2. Ha! I'm reading this the day after Easter and it reminded me of the chocolate bunny I purchased at the post-Easter sale two years ago, which I then forgot to put in the Easter basket last year and again this year. Think it will be good a year from now?

    1. Judging from the chocolate bunnies I've tasted, it never was good to begin with. So go for it!

  3. kids (I assume it was them) found the stash of candy in the trunk of my car and ate everything but the Peeps. And I might have eaten several of the Reese's eggs myself. I was out on Easter morning buying replacements. Sigh.

    Hey lady, I want to ask you to be part of this blog-writing thing. Can you send me an email at NOTHING spammy or scary. I promise.

  4. That's perfect timing--exactly when I find stuff I've hidden--moments after I'm done needing it.