Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What's Happening

No decision made on the stupid stove.  I talked to a repairman over the phone, so I know that it will cost me about $200-$400 to fix it.  Maybe it makes more sense to buy a cheap new one?  Or maybe buy a used one from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore?  All I can say is, cooking over an open fire is looking better and better to me.

Anna is staying with us for 2 weeks, as she is between leases.  I hope the poor girl can stand it - we've already made her watch 2 Dr. Who episodes with us.  Can you believe my Anna is 20?  You remember, she used to be the teen girl who inspired this post (among others).  Now she is a responsible young adult who works full time and lives on her own (with friends, of course).  And Theo is off being a soldier, living in his own place and driving his own car and doing grown-up things like contributing to his retirement account. It seems like just yesterday I was waxing maudlin over his departure for college. Where did all that time go?

I think we need a little of this right now:

Man, that song gets me every time.

I had a falling down with an open bag of jelly beans I found in the vitamin cabinet today.  No, I don't know WHY they were in the vitamin cabinet.  Maybe they're healthy after all?

I'd like to say that it has been raining cats and dogs around here for 2 days, but that doesn't even come close to describing the situation.  It's been raining tigers and wolves, maybe?  There is a LOT of water out there - our back patio is completely pooled over, and the mattress that Anna has parked against the guest bedroom wall in the basement (see above re between leases) may be all that stands between her and the encroaching waters tonight.

But, hey, at least we aren't visiting our friends in Pensacola...


  1. We bought a cheap stove when we built our house and might I say, I have regretted it ever since. It takes forever to preheat but once it does, it cooks fine so I guess ultimately it's doing it's job. However, the very first week we had it, it got a chip (not sure what I banged against it) in the part that goes around the cook top and it is just one more thing that I have to look past. We did manage to get some appliance paint to paint over the large white mark it left in the black stove so that helped. But I have been wanting a double oven ever since. Good luck on your search! I hope you find the perfectly priced stove before you have to resort to Boy Scout style cooking!

  2. I agree with Beth. It's one of those purchases you live with for so long it pays to make it right if you can or it will gnaw at you.

  3. I wish my kitchen was big enough for this range.

  4. Dang I love your blog name! I wish I had thought of it! Found you when I saw your name on a comment from An Inch of Gray! laura

  5. I can't advise you on your stove. But I do want to take an automotive course from you. You are clearly highly qualified.

    1. Actually, we've just had a lot of things go wrong with our cars over the years.

  6. AnonymousMay 01, 2014

    I hope you are staying safe in that rain.
    I'd get a new stove. Seems like you'd get your money out of it.

  7. I'm glad to hear Anna and Theo are doing well. That stove situation is a toughie--new definitely seems the way to go. With a warranty!

  8. A stove is going to be something you use every day, and having one that is reliable is worth spending money on. Don't go with the cheapest either- it has to work well or you'll hate using it. I hate spending money, but I haven't regretted a single penny I spent to get a good stove. The even heat makes baking a pleasure, the flat cooktop makes cleaning it easy. And I don't have to wonder if it's going to work when I get up in the AM.

  9. The jelly beans -- were they the ones you were looking for at Easter? And you had to buy more because you couldn't find them? Maybe? Or was that someone else?

  10. Kids just grow up too fast. My oldest has been going to college 2 hours away but now she is going to move across the entire country. I told her she's breaking my heart but I don't think she cares.