Friday, April 04, 2014

Feeling Foolish

Okay, I am done sulking about April Fools Day. Until next year, that is...

On our plates for this weekend? One Civil Air Patrol convention, one Girl Scout "campout" at a museum, one First Communion "retreat" (all 3 hours of it), yoga class, and a 5K walk for MS (not so much for philanthropic reasons as for the purpose of keeping a friend company).  Also, I will be attempting to get back on my bicycle for a training ride. Yes, that's right - still flush with my success at surviving a 30-mile bike-a-thon last year, I let my fit friend convince me to sign up for a 58-mile ride this year.

This was a stupid thing to do. STUPID.

I have less than 2 months to get into shape for biking the sort of distance I haven't attempted in nearly 30 years. And I have to bike it on my old-lady bike, because I am still too scared to get on a regular one. This is where peer pressure gets you, people - up the proverbial creek without a proverbial paddle. Or whatever the bicycle equivalent of that would be...


  1. As someone with MS, thank you for participating in the 5k - whatever your reasons! ;)

    And I too have an old lady bike only it's even more old ladyish than yours - it only brakes by moving the pedals backwards! And my fit friend and husband and kids love to give me a hard time about it. They call it my Mary Poppins bike. But bikes scare me - I always feel so out of control on them.

  2. Good luck! Get a nice squishy seat cushion or something. But your butt will hurt no matter what. 58 miles is a lot! Yikes.

  3. Oh no you need to ride the fancy bike. That old lady bike is going to not be good for that distance!

  4. Find a really quiet street with no one around to watch and practice on the regular bike. You'll get used to it again, I promise! I had to do this when I got my recumbent- the balance was so different than my regular bike, I needed some practice before I was ready to ride it in traffic.

  5. Bicycle equivalent: "At the bottom of the proverbial mountain without a proverbial toe clip."

    Bravo to you. I wish I could still go biking.

  6. If I lived close by, I'd trade you bikes in a heartbeat!

    But I'm not happy with Blogher for advertising Easter Egg M&Ms at the top right corner of your blog. I mean, how cruel can it be to write about exercising and see that? (Also, I want some.)