Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cold, No Snow

So I would be lying if I didn't admit that we've wasted a lot of time the past few days Googling pictures of the snow in the Buffalo, NY, area.  A LOT.  But it is irresistible to us deprived Southerners, I guess.

I've raised 6 Southerners.  This still bothers the Jersey girl in me, you know.

My kids don't recognize the beauty of this man.  I have failed.

Anywhoo, our favorite Buffalo-area photo is the one where the snow smashed the family room door in.  What do you do when snow invades your home?  Apparently, you call 911 and a bunch of hunk-y firemen come help you dig out.  Now that's my kind of snowstorm.  I'll make hot cocoa for shovel-wielding firefighters any day.

Where was I?  I don't know.  So, anyway, it finally got COLD here, but of course there is none of the white stuff to enjoy. I find myself having to re-educate the teens on how to dress to avoid frostbite, but certain children of mine (BRIAN) seem to find it easier to complain about the cold than to put on a coat when taking out the garbage.

Sing it, St. Francis!
Speaking of complaining, certain children of mine (BRIAN) also find it easier to kvetch that the overhead light in their room is not working than to strategically position a couple of lamps so as to continue building with Legos.  And my telling the affected offspring "Tis better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness" did not seem to do much toward resolving the situation.

But it sure made me happy.

So now Brian is cleaning up his room, because I told him the electrician couldn't fix anything until we removed the risk of a liability lawsuit being engendered by the Legos scattered EVERYWHERE in there (and I am kicking myself for not taking a before picture).  The vacuum cleaner is running as I type. I call this a win, don't you?  I mean, so long as you ignore the money I'll be spending on the electrician?

[Bruce photo: Rolling Stone]
[Candle image: Aligning With Truth]


  1. Do you have a hunky electrician? I find that it aids against cursing the darkness better than lighting a candle. :-)

  2. My daughter went to town in shorts and a t-shirt and no coat. She doesn't handle change well.

  3. We already have the blankets out and the firewood stacked near the deck doors. Amigo actually puts shoes on to get the mail or take the garbage out. But the true sign of winter is this: my entire office is filled with teachers wrapped in blankets and wearing fingerless gloves so we can still use the phone and operate our online classrooms.

  4. I just spent Saturday watching a bunch of teenagers running in 20 degree weather with 6 inches of snow... in shorts. The adults who ran at 11am did the same thing. CRAZY.
    I just want to snuggle under a blanket and light some candles.

    1. Also, jigsaw puzzles - I need some jigsaw puzzles. They are an essential part of hunkering down for winter.

    2. Yes! I'd forgotten the jigsaw puzzles!

  5. My children are very aware of bitter cold and lots of snow. They've lived in the north half of the country their whole lives. Still, two children wear shorts to school every single day of the year. I have to force the 1st grader to put a coat on in the morning, since he goes out for recess. Otherwise, he'd go in short sleeves like the older kids. The older kids may wear a sweatshirt if the temps dip below zero.
    I was cheering with you when you pulled out the candle quote. :)

  6. I got caught in the beginning of that weather system last week (traveling on business). Am very very glad I got out when I did! And I think my favorite pic is the video of a team of Clydesdales pulling an 18 wheeler back onto the road.

  7. I live in buffalo its so terrible here. Ten people have died. Where i live we got about 5 feet of snow. We are all pretty much trapped in our houses. Its really getting old quick.

  8. I from Buffalo, although we moved to Virginia when I was 29. It boggles the mind how much snow they got. I'm kind of amused by my cousins who live in the heavy snow zone, posting confirmation on facebook that schools are closed. Was there any possibility that they'd have been open?

  9. No snow here either. I wouldn't know what to do with that much cold. Nice shot of Bruce!

  10. This weather. It's mind-boggling.