Wednesday, November 05, 2014


Auntie Kate, my personal home decorator, is slaving away over my sewing machine, while I sit here and blog. I'll be lucky if she ever visits us again. The project this year involves curtains to cover the closets in the girls' room, plus coordinating window treatments, which is not something I ever could have accomplished on my own. But Auntie Kate not only helped me pick out the curtain rods (believe me, this was way harder than it sounds), she also managed to find fabric for the curtains that both girls - BOTH - gave a thumbs up to.

The Miracle of the Fabric Store, we call it....

The colors aren't quite right here - that top piece has more green in it.

The reason we have to make curtains for the closets is because Larry has developed, over the years, a deep and abiding hatred for bi-fold closet doors. So much so that he trashed both sets when he tore apart the girls' room in September to insulate it. He gets a little crazy sometimes.

I don't know if Larry thought we could save money by making curtains rather than buying new closet doors; but if he did, he has a nasty surprise coming to him when he looks at our Visa bill. As in, 250 dollars worth of nasty. And that was with a fistful of Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons ( for the curtain rods) and a bunch of sale fabric at Joanne's. Maybe seeing how much money I can spend will keep Larry from tearing out more walls in our home?

I can only hope.


  1. Oooo. I can't wait to see photos of the closet curtains! We get to see, right? :-)

  2. Everyone needs an Aunt Katie in their lives!

  3. So it's curtains for Auntie Kate, eh?


    I once promised myself I would make two small curtains for the windows around our front door which have a name but which I forgot. Two rectangles, requiring folding fabric over twice, and then sewing in a straight line. Simple, right? I managed to make the curtains, but it produced such angst and inner turmoil that I vowed never to do it again. So Double Bravo to Auntie Kate!

    I looked at your other link and am in awe of how your chairs and bench turned out. How much would I have to pay Auntie Kate to come to my house and re-do my kitchen chairs?

  4. HATE bifold doors. I just took them off G's closet and he's got nothing covering it now. I may replace them when he moves out...

  5. The most money I ever spend is when I do it myself. Honestly. (Love the fabrics.)

  6. I am a danger to myself and the credit card when I go fabric shopping. Luckily, my husband has learned to not look at the bills.

  7. LOL we put in bifold doors when we made the kids closets. Those damn things kept falling off. I was afraid we were going to kill someone with them so they had to go. Maybe some day I'll make curtains or buy new doors after the kids are gone.