Friday, November 28, 2014

Jean-ius Idea

I woke up this morning and realized that I had no clean jeans to wear, so I was forced to stay in my pajama pants all day and lie around reading a book (Leaving Church) while playing Words With Friends. Really, I couldn't have planned things better if I tried.

And don't begrudge me my laziness, people - I mean, not unless you too were woken up around midnight by a child informing you she had just thrown up. I don't know why we can't have a holiday without someone regurgitating all the holiday goodies, but there you are. Every family has its traditions, I guess.

It was Susie this time - she claims she WOKE UP to find herself standing in the bathroom, at which point she barfed into the sink. So, 3 cheers for sleepwalking, eh?

Useful, but a hazmat suit would've been helpful, too

Unfortunately, she didn't have great aim, which explains why I was on my hands and knees in the bathroom in the middle of the night, wiping vomit off the freshly painted walls and trying to floss the slats of the heating vent clean of any puke particles. Larry stood in the hallway and handed me paper towels and bleach spray like the pro he is. Neither of us looked terribly alert, which might explain why the bathroom still smelled of puke this morning.

Is anyone still reading this?

Anyway, my point is, I earned this pants-less day. Tomorrow I will resume shouldering my usual responsibilities; but for a while, at least, I was able to live out the desert island fantasies entertained by many a mother with 4 kids still at home. I mean, so long as the desert island has Internet access...


  1. I applaud your pants-less day (or as I like to call it, "pajama day") and your choice of reading material. It's on my list. More importantly, you EARNED it.
    I went into work and nodded off twice at my desk this afternoon. I had to make coffee at 4pm so I could finish work! A pants-less day would have been preferred... minus the puking child.
    Flossing the vents... why didn't I ever think of that? (Maybe because my kids had better aim?) Sorry to read that the holiday tradition continues unabated at your house.

  2. That's a tradition I'm glad we haven't started! Yes, I'd say you earned that pants-less day!

  3. I love this! I was just looking at the laundry basket and thinking about doing a load, but you've convinced me that I can set this up for a day off tomorrow, if I try. I'm trying to finish knitting a Christmas stocking for my new granddaughter, and really, shouldn't this be my priority? That, and reading?

    Oh, darn, just remembered we are supposed to go out and cut our Christmas tree tomorrow.

  4. Any time there is vomit, a lady deserves to stay in jammie pants for the day. Should actually be a law...

  5. I spent 2 of the 4 days off not getting dressed. It was awesome.

  6. Hopefully this finds your household healthy by now… haven't checked to see if there are any more recent blog updates yet, because I'm having a pants-less day of my own due to a sick kid (mine just has pneumonia and a virus). I'm looking forward to it - my first day off since I started working more than three months ago!