Monday, November 03, 2014

Twizzlers And Snickers And Rolos, Oh My!

Time sure does fly when you're busy eating all your kids' candy...

Our Halloween went well, although it was almost derailed at the outset by the discovery that our camera's battery need charging and neither Larry nor I could manage to find the proper charging cord for it. We found a lot of other charging cords, though, and had a jolly old time discovering that none of them would do the trick.  Words would have been exchanged, but luckily my mouth was too full of candy for that to happen.  As it turns out, my IPad took a decent picture of the carved pumpkins, so the festivities were able to proceed as planned.

Saved by the IPad...

Costume-wise, this year we had a red Lego piece (Susie) and a Christmas present (Rachel), plus a hastily thrown together pirate (Brian decided at the last minute that he wasn't too old to go trick-or-treating, after all). I'd like to point out here that this was Larry's 19th year in a row of taking the kids trick-or-treating, and I really don't know how he is going to cope in a couple of years when the youngest two outgrow his Halloween chaperoning services. I picture him wandering around the neighborhood, showing up on neighbors' doorsteps anyway, from sheer force of habit.

Auntie Kate arrived on Halloween day, which added to the general buzz and excitement. I mean, if excitement is what you call waking up at 7 and running around like mad for 5 hours trying to make one's home look presentable for company...I was so tired by the time she got here, it's a wonder I had the energy to shove all that Halloween candy in my mouth all evening.

But I certainly did manage. In fact, we spent the weekend eating our leftovers (we gave out only 47 of the 60 treat bags we had prepared) and the kids' unwanted loot.  True, the candyfest was interspersed with a trip to the local yarn shop and 2 (count them, 2!) yoga classes; but, truth to tell, I was still eating Snickers (fun-sized) while driving to the yoga center.

I am efficient that way.

Larry's looking forward to taking all the Halloween loot to his office tomorrow (he forgot the bag today), because that is usually what he does (and his colleagues love him for it).  But this year they won't get quite as much candy as they usually do, since Halloween wasn't followed by a workday. You know, I had never thought about how having this holiday on a Friday would give me that much more time with my beloved sweets.

Oh, short fat strawberry Twizzlers, how I adore thee!


  1. Whoa, duuuuuuuude...pumpkin carving-101...aaaaaand you get the "Has me blowing coffee outta my nose, at the very first sentence" award. You're welcome :)

  2. Love those pumpkins. And my kids still have tons of candy in their baskets right now because I'm dieting and can't eat any. Where's the fun in that??

  3. I still maintain that the king-sized are the fun-sized and the fun-sized are not.

  4. I was supposed to bring our leftovers to the office....but yeah, I keep *forgetting." Maybe by the time the Butterfingers, Milk Duds and other chocolate-y goodness is gone, I'll remember to take the rest in. Maybe.

  5. Your family's pumpkin carving skills are extraordinary.

    My kid did not go trick-or-treating, even though she wanted too, because she had to go with the marching band to a football game. So you'd think there would be no candy in the house to tempt me. WRONG. My husband went and bought 5 extra bags of candy. It is calling to me but I am trying to ignore it.

  6. My husband gave out those short fat Twizzlers. He also changed the youngest boy's costume from ninja to black dog to match the (black dog) labrador T-or-T helper. It wasn't as cute as he'd hoped. And no pumpkins were carved this year. I'd be sad but I was at a quilting retreat.

  7. Awesome pumpkins!

    I miss eating my kids' Halloween candy, but I'm trying to be good this year.

  8. We are down to one trick or treater and there was only a bit of going around so I was only able to eat 3 little candy bars. Rats.

  9. Your pumpkins are adorable! I love those darn twizzlers too. We bah-humbugged this Halloween and just hid out with the doggies.