Monday, June 12, 2017

A Good Yarn

It's hard to find time to blog (says the gal who wasted a good 45 minutes on Facebook this morning), but I constantly have things running through my head to tell you. Plus pictures!

The closet experiment hit a snag this morning. See that build-up of shoes on the floor there? Probably because it is SO HARD to place them in the conveniently hung SHOE HOLDERS that are in your face every time you open the closet doors. I mean, sheesh, am I expecting people to figure that out? I'm a monster, I am.

No matter, my new system is so good, all I had to do was pick up those shoes and slide them into their slots. I don't appreciate being everyone's maid; but for the sake of a closet that inspires joy, I'll do it. That, plus I dock allowances.

Hey, I'm not a saint, okay?

Yesterday my friends and I attended a fiber festival. "A what?" asked the neighbor I walk with each morning. I forget that, in most circles, "fiber festival" means nothing. "A fiber festival," I told her. "You know, there are sheep and alpacas and people who shear them, and people who spin the wool into yarn and sell it, and people who dye the yarn and sell it...oh, and there are celebrities! We met the Sweater Guy!"

"Is that what he's called?" she asked, trying to follow.

"Um, I think so. That's what we called him, anyway." But then I wasn't sure, myself; I mean, can there be only one Sweater Guy? So I went home and Googled "the sweater guy," and sure enough, I found him. The fiber world loves its monikers, apparently. I didn't even try explaining the Yarn Harlot to her.

Incipient shawl/scarf thingy
Anywhoo, I bought a few skeins of yarn there. I needed one skein to complement a color I already have for my planned The Girl From the Grocery Store shawl; and then there were a couple of skeins that were begging to be bought from an indy dyer who I bonded with and was giving a military discount.

These go together, in a weird sort of way...

Oh, and also a felted dryer ball, because I already had one, but it turns out that you really need more than one to make your clothes soft and fluffy. Supposedly you use them instead of dryer sheets? I don't use dryer sheets, though, so I'm not sure what I am to expect.

I explained all this to Larry and he was totally looking at me like, "Wow, they saw you coming, all right." I'll show him, once the children start exclaiming how soft their towels feel (I imagine like those kids in 70s Downy commercials, if I'm recalling correctly).

Isn't it pretty?

Either way, it was only $5. And the man just bought an entire kayak, so maybe he should just keep quiet about any of my fiber expenditures, amirite?


  1. What IS it about family that CANNOT figure out a "system?"

    I will admit that "fiber festival" caught me off guard since I am not of that circle.

  2. I know what a fiber Festival is. And now I'm a little jealous, though my wallet is breathing a sigh of relief. Not that I've been knitting f much, I seem to have lost my mojo with the heat. And you're making more progress with your shoe system than I've ever managed.

  3. Ok I really want to hear how the dryer ball works out. I don't love all the expense of dryer sheets. Who doesn't know what a fiber festival is??? I don't even DO anything with yarn and I always want to go.

  4. I've been to many fiber festival, and they are worth taking up knitting/crocheting/spinning just to go to!
    I went with some friends years ago to hear the Yarn Harlot speak. We got there early to get good seats, and eventually there was a line down the block to get in. A young man came along, looked at the line, and asked us what it was for. We excitedly told him "The Yarn Harlot!" huh? We explained who she was, and he asked if he could go in. He was visibly astonished when we said "NO! It's sold out!" I'm not really sure that he believed us.

  5. Trying to catch up on your posts. If I don't comment on them all...I'm reading them. Anyway, beautiful yarn, though I don't knit or crochet. And I've found that organized closets are nice in theory but really hard to execute if you have a husband and kids.

  6. Yeah closet pic!

    How can you not use dryer sheets? Do you use fabric softener in the wash?