Monday, January 22, 2018

Bakery String Only Looks Useful

Today? I tackled this:

That's half the junk that is in the (not supposed to be a) junk drawer next to my stove. I emptied out the drawer and went at it. I don't remember why. Probably, I was tired of not being able to close it anymore. Or I was looking for something and got sidetracked. I don't know.

I found some things that I didn't even know I owned:

Why do I have these?
As discussed previously in these pages,
I'm not Ma Ingalls and I DON'T line dry clothes.

Strawberry hullers? Tell me,
did I really use to be
the sort of person who
would buy strawberry hullers?

In the end, I managed to throw out all this:

You know, this picture could be turned
 into a really irritating jigsaw puzzle

And this:

I KNOW that knob belongs somewhere,
and I'll probably want that mug hook tomorrow

And this:

My kids made this. I tossed it anyway.
It's a tough world, kids.

I wound up with this:

I kept the strawberry hullers, I don't know why

Every time I open that drawer now, I sort of cry with happiness. Or with dismay, because my family has already tried to sabotage my beautiful work by throwing other things in there. I will prevail, however. I WILL PREVAIL.


  1. What in the world? I never even knew that strawberry hullers are a thing that exists.

  2. No matter how often I clean my junk drawer it still retains to it's horrible state. Enjoy the organized drawer while you can! And my husband would be dying at all of that wasted string. "But what if we need it someday??"

    1. I won't lie - I struggled with throwing that out!

  3. I need to do that with my "junk" drawer. What are those plastic things in the front that look like the curlers my mother used to use to give my poor straight-haired sister perms?

  4. My poor daughter keeps organizing our junk drawer for us and we keep screwing it up again. We have too much necessary junk. Although I have never owned a strawberry huller nor have missed it.

  5. I do mine occasionally (and probably need to do it right now) and The Husband continually messes up it's beautiful, clean organized state. Usually by throwing tools in there. Why tools? Because he will need them again at some point and, apparently, the garage is too far away. Enjoy it while you can! I think the only way to truly prevail is to put some sort of lock on it with you as the only keeper of the key. That gives me an idea...

  6. ha! I have 2 junk drawers in my house and one of them is also the "big utensil drawer"

  7. Aaah.... the small victories.

    My small victory today was suggesting to my son who was looking for his backpack to bring it back to college that someone may have put it in a closet - even though he would never have put it there himself. The eternal battle between the organizers and their victims.

    Yes, it was in a closet. And no, he never would have looked there.

  8. What is it about cleaning out something that feels so satisfying? I took a bunch of stuff to the local thrift shop and I've walked downstairs at least 4 times to admire the empty space left behind in the utility room.
    That image would make a great jigsaw puzzle!

  9. With our kitchen under construction, our junk was EVERYWHERE. I ended up buying bins to sort out the stuff in the study. our computer desk has these deep cubbies. I found an old YMCA basketball schedule from Ed's team that Coach was coaching from like 8 years ago. It was time to make better use of that space. I think it was annoying me to not be able to organize anything in the kitchen. All that upheaval made me crave order somewhere! I can't wait for the kitchen to be done so I can start discovering all of our 'other' junk. sigh. (And yes this might be the longest kitchen renovation EVER).