Sunday, January 28, 2018

Surprisingly Mundane

Oh, hi! Just sitting here wondering where my weekend went. And you?

Larry drew the short straw, as it were, and had to spend his weekend driving a bunch of Civil Air Patrol cadets (including our very own Rachel) 3 hours away to do whatever it is they do when they spend the weekend together. Drills, physical training, saluting practice...

That left me here holding down the fort. Happily, since the 2 kids left here with me were 12 and 17 (crazy but true), "holding down the fort" meant going about my normal life, occasionally texting to make sure everyone was okay. So I went to yoga Saturday AND Sunday morning, and hung out with friends Saturday AND Sunday afternoon.

Oh, and I finished this cowl for my yoga teacher. Only one month late!

I'd feel guilty about the easy life I am leading at present, but then I remember that I spent, oh, 16 YEARS not getting anything remotely resembling a full night's sleep and I don't feel guilty AT ALL. And that's not even counting all the barf clean-up I've done over the years.

I probably just jinxed myself, boasting about the halcyon existence I'm leading. We'll all be quarantined with the flu for the next month, I know it. But at least I will be well provisioned, because one of my friends went home to Ireland for Christmas and brought me back chocolate.

There used to be 3 of these. I seem to have eaten one already. Whoops.

You know, I'm sure Larry is thrilled I'm preserving all these pictures of knitted items and chocolate bars for posterity. Also, cunningly posed photos of refrigerator discards. Those are my specialty.

Do you know I haven't taken a picture of my own kids in ages? I mean, they take pictures of themselves, and then I beg them to share them with me on Google photos or whatever the thing is we use, and sometimes they even listen to me. But I save my own photography exploits for inanimate objects these days. Maybe because inanimate objects can't roll their eyes at me.

Yeah, I think that's it.

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  1. All of my pictures lately are of snow covered trees. I am sure in 20 years I will be happy I documented trees over and over and not my growing children.

  2. "Maybe because inanimate objects can't roll their eyes at me." Dying over here. And yes, that's why I take pictures of inanimate objects as well.

  3. I need to figure out a way for Coach to draw a short straw - that seems to be my specialty. I handled the Irish dancing driving on Sunday . . . as usual. I suggested that Coach drive up for one leg of it (both girls in one 3 hour class that was mainly fun to map out what the kids will perform for St. Pat's shows and then Curly stayed for a 2 hr class prepping her for World Championships in Scotland in March). He commented back: 'Well, I can do that but I was going to work in the basement bathroom today. I thought you wanted me to get that done.' Very sneaky. So, I sat at dancing for 3 hours (and I napped in my car - at least it wasn't running this time - for almost 2 hours. That is driving me crazy, because I prefer to get things done!), then drove Mini home, made dinner, started laundry, and drove back to get Curly. Then I came home, fed the masses, and cut all of the boys'/men's hair. Maybe if I learn to knit I will have an excuse to hand out with friends!

  4. I had to laugh about the kids' pics part.. I swear, I have to basically bribe my oldest two to get pics of them now.. And to get a pic of one of them *with me*? Forget about it. Ugh!

  5. Your reasoning for not taking your photos of your kids these days is spot-on. I just blame it on them not being as cute as they once were, but really it's the eye rolls and arched eyebrows of annoyance. At least yours take selfies... mine don't even do that!
    It's a good thing the grandson is cute, but even he is squinting his eyes when I try to snap a photo of him these days.