Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Birthday Eve

Today saw me doing all the adult things I hate: Dentist appointment! Funeral! HOA board meeting! And the only thing that got me through (besides the fact that I had no choice on any of it) was the thought that, hey, tomorrow? Is my birthday!

Susie made me more flowers for the occasion:

With Pinterest-y corks, too! 

In just a couple of hours I turn 55 (a thought that, admittedly, feels pretty weird - I mean, didn't I just turn 50, like, last year?). Okay, now I wish I hadn't clicked on that last link. Apparently, when I turned 50, I was planning to do something special on my 55th - a bike trip with girlfriends and NO CAMPING, maybe. 55 seemed a really long way off then, and I was going to be free to do neat stuff and apparently in good enough shape for a week-long bicycling trip.

Where DOES a dream go when it dies, anyway? Huh?

So the future is here, apparently, and is not what I thought it would be. Also, I have nothing planned for tomorrow. NOTHING. Except maybe going to clothing stores all by myself (for once) so I can try to find clothes that fit (which, according to that same link, is the activity I planned for my 50th also) (because I'm still as boring as I was 5 years ago, apparently).

I told Susie my shopping plan, and she said, "That's an AWFUL idea for your birthday. You'll get all depressed when you can't find anything!"

Ignoring that, uh, vote of confidence concerning my ability to fit into clothes, I'll throw it out there - what would YOU do on your birthday?


  1. Happy birthday a few hours in advance!
    For my 50th I wanted to rent a beach house and have a weekend party with friends. Instead, I visited the doctor for a post-surgery check-up while seated in a wheelchair. Life happens.

  2. Oh, I am sorry you don't have something fabulous planned for yourself. Happy birthday! I'm a February girl, so I usually plan to XC ski or snowshoe in the woods, a little me time, and then a great dinner out somewhere. That's perfect in my book.

  3. Congratulations! I just read an article about reframing aging as gaining momentum. So great. More experience, more knowledge, etc. Now if we could just get our bodies to not fall apart in the process everything will be rosy.

  4. I hope this helps---this 70-year old thinks you are still young!
    Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday! Oh, out of the mouths of babes, right? My birthday is right after Christmas when everyone is pretty much celebrated out. I do love shopping, but in late December I am sort of over it. If I were you, I would go to lunch with friends and hope that the kids clean the house. Maybe splurge and do something you don't normally do - like a massage, or go to a movie with friends. Whatever you decide - have a great day!

  6. Happy birthday!! I'm hitting 50 this year and haven't even thought ahead enough to think of a way to commemorate it. Although, I DO have to call the courthouse that day to see if I'm needed for jury duty the next day - that's special enough, right?

    I would plan a special day with your friends and then another special day to celebrate with your family - making them cater to all demands, wishes and desires. You deserve it.

  7. Wait till you have everyone out of high school, make a plan, don't tell anyone what it is until the day before, and then go and do it.
    The kids just got me a wonderful Father's Day present, but not what I asked for. So what.
    My youngest kids are older than your youngest kids. If I don't serve them dinner, it is no longer a basis for charges of child abuse. Give it a few years, and make a plan. Then go off and have some fun.
    If the plan is to shop for you, don't tell anyone the specifics and tell the trustworthy ones only that they should be available and they are sworn to secrecy.
    Have fun,

  8. And ... oops... Happy Birthday!

  9. Happy belated birthday!

    I haven't had one of those in years - instead I have a "me" day. I do none of the adulting things you speak of, but spend the day doing whatever I want. That has included, visiting a nearby city (about 45 miles away) to shop/browse their downtown which has quirky shops, going for a pedi, taking myself out for lunch (just me!), or if I'm feel like splurging, I head to the casino for an hour. I've also just grabbed my camera and gone for a walk around our man-made lake (not that I've ever made it all the way around). I cap the day off with a long soak in the tub - not only is it a luxury but necessary due to the amount of walking I do that day.

    Next year I turn 60 and I'll be somewhere between Peru and California on a cruise ship! Definitely my biggest splurge ever - but a bargain none the less.

    Hope you enjoyed your day!