Friday, June 15, 2018

All Washed Up

You know when is NOT a good time to realize that your minivan leaks? When you're taking that van through a car wash, that's when.

So, yeah, that happened. In retrospect, I should have paid more attention the past couple of weeks when I noticed a mildewy smell in the car. Gee, I thought, that smells just like when the cooler leaked during our camping trip! But there was no cooler in my car lately, so I chalked it up alternately to humidity and/or the AC system (and not the 8 straight days of rain we'd had) and went on my merry way.

I don't even know where to get this fixed. It must be a gasket, right? Do I take it to a body shop? Where IS a body shop?

Actually, I could use a body shop myself. I'm turning 55 next week, and boy do I look it. You know things are getting bad when you consider sleeping inverted to counteract the daylong effects of gravity on your face.

Is that just me? Oh, well.

I was 44 when I started this blog and I wish I could reach back through time to shake myself and yell, "Get up! Go exercise! Exercise more! Moisturize! Use sunscreen!" But no - I just sat here and blogged about kids and vomit and mice while letting time and sun do their damage. I've no one to blame but myself. I ignored all the obvious signs, just like I ignored the mildew smell in my car. So, yeah, there's a pattern here.

On the bright, wait...I'm working on the bright side. It's around here somewhere.

Wrapped and ready!

Father's Day is this Sunday (as if you didn't know, what with all the heartwarming dad-related essays being passed around Facebook), and we've already gotten Larry a gift, several days early. I like to surprise myself with some unwonted efficiency sometimes, which results in crazy things happening like that. And keep in mind that just because that looks like Christmas wrapping doesn't mean it actually IS Christmas wrapping. (But it is.)

I can't tell you what's in there, though, in case Larry actually takes a look at this here blog of mine before Sunday. He hasn't in years, but you never know...

Almost too cute to be a filing cabinet

I also bought him a little rolling file cabinet (used - only $15!), but I didn't bother wrapping that. I'm hoping I can use it to store the contents of those 2 boxes Larry dumped in the newly pristine corner of our bedroom a couple of weeks ago. Then, if he tries to stick it back in that corner, I can just roll it away on its tiny cute wheels. Maybe I'll roll it into Brian's bedroom. Poor Brian - he's only been gone 6 days, and I'm already using his room to store our "give away" bin AND a box full of sheets (for our beach house vacation in August). So he probably wouldn't even notice an extra filing cabinet, right?


  1. What a great deal on the filing cabinet. I am trying to gear myself up for cleaning out the garage tomorrow. Why is cleaning and organizing other people's stuff so much less fun than your own? Ok maybe it is mostly my stuff but I am pretending it is all family stuff.

  2. Nothing worse than a smell in a car. Mildew - yuck! Good luck finding the source. Coach has lots of new space in our new kitchen. Like a huge cabinet all to himself, but he so prefers to leave his files and physical therapy journals within an arm's reach of his recliner. I had a great mother's day - he raised the bar. Damn, I have my work cut out for me.

  3. I think Larry should find the problem with the leaky van and fix it. (I'm fond of divide and conquer methods of work.) I keep forgetting about Father's Day and thought at first that the wrapped gift and paper flowers (awesome, by the way) were early presents for YOU. But I'm just thinking about your birthday.

  4. I would guess a dealer could fix that? Maybe? I don't know.

    I haven't bought anything for The Husband except for a card. I have informed him that if he'd tell me what he wants, I will buy it because I think it actually pains him to swipe that card. And anything I buy wouldn't be what he wanted.

  5. AnonymousJune 18, 2018

    That's a fantastic file cabinet! I made my husband potato salad to go with the steaks we grilled.

  6. That's a cute filing cabinet. I'll have to show this to my Mom. My Dad also has piles of crap that he tries to leave all over the house and it drives her nuts. I suggested having a crap basket where he could dump all his clutter, but a filing cabinet like this is a better (classier) option.