Sunday, June 10, 2018


Nothing much to say here, really, only my Rachel, who has spent hours of her life taming and defrizzing her long curly hair, finally had had enough and demanded to be taken to the local salon to have it all cut off.

"How about we just try it shoulder length?" asked the beautician, fingering Rachel's long tresses as they both stared into the mirror. "You know, get used to it, see if you want it shorter."

But Rachel, done with being a slave to her hair, insisted on the style she had Pinned: extremely short on the sides and back, with a curly tousled mop on top. I admit it, I had to turn away for the first cut, so scared was I that Rachel would freak out. Also, just yikes. She had a LOT of hair.

Locks of Love material

Rachel didn't freak out. She looks great and, more important, she feels great. Anyone else remember how liberating it is to just chop ALL of your hair off and have a fresh new style? I was tempted to try it myself, but then I remembered I no longer have the distinct jawline needed to carry off a short cut (never did, probably) and left the salon with my curls intact.

Brian is on an airplane right now, and I'm torn between going to sleep (because, hey, I'm tired - we had another grad party today, plus clothes shopping with Rachel) or staying up so I can use the power of my mind to keep his plane in the air.

That works, right? Tell me it works.

Brian's heading off on his all-expenses-paid trip to Israel, and I am left with absolutely no tech support whatsoever around here. Already this evening, I had to figure out two different tech-y things for myself. Maybe that's why Brian couldn't walk out that front door fast enough this morning. My neediness must be driving him away. That, and the fact that he is 18 and can't wait to start his own life. He's all grown up, is what it is.

Still, he was absolutely the cutest 2-year-old. THE CUTEST. And of course Google Photos chose to rub salt in my left-behind wounds by showing me photos from 9 years ago today - a day when apparently David and Brian got hold of the camera and photographed their Lego creations, photographs that include a giggling 9-year-old Brian lying under the bed and clowning at the camera.

Et tu, Google?


  1. I know. Those faceFace memories kill me every time too. I've got two babies left at home and I want to dig my claws into them to hold on and keep them from growing up and leaving me.

  2. Good luck to Brian. Sounds like a marvelous adventure! And FYI, the mind power thing works because last night I stayed up doing the same thing for our son's flight to Amsterdam. The power of moms ...

  3. Those Google memories always feel like a gut-punch to me. I hope Brian has a wonderful trip and I'm glad Rachel is excited with her hair. Sarah and I were just reminiscing (thanks to Google memories) about the time 3 years ago she decided to go really short and was very sad about it when two weeks later reality set in. (And yes, I was the mom that said, "I TOLD you so!")

  4. AnonymousJune 11, 2018

    How terrific for your son! And that hair is BEAUTIFUL! The color and the texture--what a generous act. Those flashback pictures that FB pulls up periodically kind of wreck me, but I love them at the same time.

  5. What beautiful hair!! I am also tired of taming my curls - but I know how I am, if I cut it off, I will be VERY lax about keeping up with the frequent, necessary trims - so instead I'm embracing the curl.

    I hope Brian has an awesome trip.

  6. Oh that hair! I occasionally suggest to mini that she cut her thick hair in a bob. What good is great hair when all you do is put it in a messy bun? Hope brian has a great trip!

  7. What generous gifts: the hair and the trip!

    I truly think I dodged some major heartache when I was only given boys to raise. I mean, they rarely remember special days or gifts, and we have very little in common at the end of the day, but at least I don't feel like crying when they cut off their beautiful long hair (something H-J recently did, so he's back now to a normal hairstyle).