Friday, June 29, 2018

Staycation For The Win!

In case you were wondering, the rest of my week went just as it started: everyone gone but Susie, few obligations, hardly any driving, unscheduled bliss. Oh, there was a meal to make for another family on Monday (great timing, since I didn't have to worry about cooking for my own that night), and I did drive to pick blueberries with friends on Tuesday (but that was voluntary).

The blueberry farm also featured (freshly shorn) alpacas

 Susie and I messed around in the kitchen minimally the rest of the week: She made some curry vegetable/tofu stir fry, and I set to work using up the blueberries we brought home, because there was nobody there to eat them.

Lemon blueberry bread

I had to give away one of these loaves, because - again - there was nobody home to eat all this. And yes, I could have simply baked one loaf, as the recipe called for. But, really, why go to all that effort for just one loaf? I cannot abide inefficient cooking.

That was about the extent of our culinary experiments, though. We indulged in a couple more pizzas (hey, we walked to get them), ate eggs and grilled cheese and cucumbers (not all at once). It was heaven. No, really, HEAVEN.

I took a short nap each afternoon without feeling guilty. Heaven.

I sat around and read one of the books I got for my birthday. Heaven.

I finally planted the flowers I bought at a local garden shop. Not quite heaven (because, hey, worms and bugs and such), but it felt good to get it done.

In short, I did stuff without feeling (as I usually do) that there were a zillion other things I needed to be doing at the exact same time. For this one blessed week, I could focus solely on what I was doing at the moment.


So Larry got back late last night, bearing gifts and probably new viruses from overseas (we hugged but didn't kiss, because I've learned my lesson). Among other things, he brought me this shirt:

Note to knitter friends: No, you may not have it.

I have no idea why it says "I am famous" on it. But, hey, it's a sheep, and that's good enough. We're into sheep around here. The stuffed kind, anyway. The real kind are probably too smelly, I would think...


  1. Nice! The lemon blueberry loaf looks absolutely delish.

  2. My problem is that I have visions of days like this at the onset of summer every year. I think without school to lock into, I will bake, write, and accomplish stuff. But that is so silly of me. Meals, groceries, swim meets, dancing, shuttling people around, and laundry. No time for anything else! Glad you enjoyed it.

    1. Duh, that's because there are still people living in your house with you. You have to send them all away first.

  3. That lemon blueberry loaf looks amazing. Are you willing to share your recipe?

  4. Lemon and blueberries go together so well! IF you get really bored, you can buy some land and raise sheep... just be sure to perfume them like they did for Marie Antoinette. (Yes, really -- I've been the farm village at Versailles.)

  5. AnonymousJuly 04, 2018

    The bread and the shirt look like perfection. I'm having a lazy start to summer and loving it. Any time you can skip cooking it's a win.

  6. Cute shirt! I'd eat that loaf for you.