Sunday, June 03, 2018

Sweets Overload

Say, guess what happened on Friday?

Yup, that's for Brian. I decked out the whole house, because I found all these 2018 grad decorations for 3 dollars on one of those Facebook Online Yard Sale pages.

I got these secondhand, and now I'm going to pass them on to our neighbor, whose daughter's grad party is next week. That's 3 uses from one set of graduation decorations, and yes, I WOULD like a medal for that, thanks.

Due to Brian's graduation on Friday and several grad parties we attended on Saturday, we ended up eating an unhealthy amount of Costco cake within a 24-hour time period. So I was a little taken aback when, while sitting at grad party #3 on Saturday and contemplating joining an order of nuns where cake is verboten, I received a photo from Rachel (who had stayed home - she's a grad party refusenik).


"Someone dropped this by," she texted. "Can I have it?"

Apparently a neighbor had leftovers from their daughter's birthday party and they generously brought it over, not realizing they were creating a totally coals-to-Newcastle vibe.

Oh, did I mention there was also a retirement party Larry had to attend on Saturday? They gave him this to take home:

Greek cake

So, yes, a lot of cake. And brownies. And corn chips and salsa. I haven't cooked in two days. I'm thinking someone might need some food around here today, but hey - we still have that cake.

We also have these:

So pretty, I had to show everyone

A Civil Air Patrol mom brought them to us, to thank Larry for giving her daughter a ride to an Honor Flight Rachel coordinated for Saturday morning. You know, because we didn't already have enough planned this weekend? 

So today has been blessedly event-free. I overslept and then I watched Fiddler on the Roof with Susie (she didn't like it, which is upsetting, but I'll get over it) and then, well, nothing. We did NOTHING. It helps that it's raining for the gazillionth day in a row here, so no one is trying to drag me out on a walk or schedule some sort of activity. 

I like rain.


  1. Congratulations to Brian, and to you! Three uses for a set of 2018 grad decorations does indeed deserve a medal. I'm in denial here over the grad party I planned (or you know, announced and invited people to... I haven't actually planned it... for next Saturday.
    I was away all weekend and beat the rain home, barely. I'm just glad the moisture has fallen to the ground instead of hanging out in the air making me sweat.

    PS: Cake has eggs, and eggs are protein. I ate cheesecake several times this weekend and am waddling.

  2. We have three birthdays in a row over here, just about a week apart, and we were staring down our third cake for Tuesday, but birthday boy requested a pie. So, hey health food right? Oh my goodness though you have to freeze and save that baklava. That stuff is like gold!

  3. Congrats to Brian on his graduation and congratulations to all of you for not going into a diabetic coma. :) SO.much.sugar. LOL!! The flowers are gorgeous.

  4. Congratulations to your Brian!
    And man, that food looks good!
    Love rainy days here too.
    Yesterday I literally did nothing except nap and eat pizza.

  5. Congrats to Brian - a HUGE accomplishment! The peonies are absolutely gorgeous.

  6. I'm sorry. I can't get past the "didn't like Fiddler on the Roof" comment. Whaaaaaaat?

  7. AnonymousJune 07, 2018

    Those peonies are lovely and the decorations are very festively done.