Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Not Dead Yet

Today? Better? Barely. I've got the cold sore from hell on my lip. My head still hurts; I'm still taking random doses of Sudafed (and, yes, Marie, it is the real stuff, because I'm worth it). In fact, I went out and scored some more today. I don't want to risk running out, you know.

And thanks, Jami, for looking up the pseudoephedrine overdose dangers for me. Thanks a lot. My heart's not pounding yet, but I do seem to be experiencing the dizziness. It hasn't been debilitating enough, however, to keep me from driving to Target because my teen daughter has "nothing to wear." I swear, there is some sort of black hole in her closet which swallows clothes. I mean, am I not always taking Anna to Target?

I haven't heard from Larry at all. I assume he is too busy touring local pubs to think about his adoring wife. That's fine. I'm too busy making surreptitious online purchases to worry about where he is.

Time for all sickies to go to bed....


  1. My HB rarely calls when he's away - I guess he's sick of hearing me complain about how hard it is to look after 6 children by myself while he's suffering so badly from sleeping in a nice hotel, eating at nice restaurants, and getting uninterrupted sleep. You'd think I would be more considerate of his needs and not expect him to call me when he's scheduled some local sightseeing or a quiet night in watching his favourite TV show.

    In other words, I can sympathise with you about the husband being away. Hope you're feeling better soon, and hope you get some good stuff online while he's away!

  2. What in the world did you do to deserve a cold sore from hell?

    and a cold at the same time???

  3. Busy with those retaliatory yarn purchases, huh?

  4. Seriously hoping you come out of the funk. Seems to be EVERYWHERE right now. Do you think there is something to the weather being to blame? I do wonder.


  5. Regarding the cold sore....
    I had to put ABREVA on my nose last night because I felt that wretched first tingle that tells me of the scabby disgusting festering sore that is about to appear on my nose. That's right...MY NOSE!!
    I'm a circus freak.

  6. I think you should buy more yarn. It's a proven fact that more yarn = less cold sores. Rilly!

  7. Whatever you've got, I think I'm getting it.
    My 3 year old started coughing yesterday, and I woke up congested and coughing.

    I hope you get feeling better.

    I hope I get feeling better.

    Send that cold sore back where it came from.

  8. I really enjoy reading your blogs and you have been tagged! Check out my blog!

  9. You ARE always buying Anna clothes. Lucky girl.

    I'm sure your husband is overwhelmed with concern for you and that's why he's at the local pubs.

    So glad you're still with us. And thanks for the encouragement you just posted on my blog!!!!

  10. Chickie Girl woke with the cruddy cold this morning. Welcome to the land of stuffy noses and snot. It's cozy over here. *sigh* I hope you feel better soon. I can never decide if I would rather be the one suffering or taking care of the sufferers. Really I have no patience for either.

    I was contemplating a trip to Target myself, to reward myself for taking care of a sickly child and to replace the clothes I just cleaned out of my closet. My black hole is called Goodwill.

  11. Abreva's creators have a special spot in heaven waiting for them. I LOVE that stuff. While I thank you kindly for the link, I must admit I pulled Sudafed's side effect info out of the dim recesses of my memory. I am not a pharmacist, I just play one on the internet.

    Yarn. I was in the dollar store the other day and they had an alpaca blend. It was soft, but I couldn't overcome my dollar store prejudice enough to buy any.

  12. Eeak!! I hope you are feeling better soon. The only thing worse than being sick yourself is dealing with a sick husband.....

  13. I'm sitting next to my son who has what you have. I so CANNOT get it!

  14. Oh my. That sounds horrible! Are you still cracking the homeschool whip through all this? Or are your nearly-perfect children forging through the work you've assigned, unsupervised?

    Hope you're feeling better VERY soon!

  15. I think you better skip the fridge tomorrow. I'm not sure you can handle it. Take a nap instead.

  16. Hmmm, daughter has that same black hole in HER closet. Maybe it's a clothes stealing monster that lives in fourteen year old girls closets.

    I tagged you - just to give you something to do in between making surreptitious online purchases. ;-)

  17. Cold sores are so brutal.

    May good health find it's way to your household! And soon!

  18. Hee hee. This post makes me giggle, just because I've felt this way so many times before and I know how crazy the brain works.

  19. My oldest 3 girls have no clothes. That explains the pile of clothing in the middle of their floor? I already informed them I would buy them new clothes, after they get all the summer clothes sorted and get rid of the ones that are too small for them or have rips or stains on them. If they washed their stuff every other day, the 3 pairs of pants they have each that fit them would be enough. They do everyones laundry, they should be able to remember to wash their own, not throw it on the floor, before they run out of clean stuff. :)

  20. When my daughter says she has nothing to wear, I tell her, without missing a beat..."Then go naked."

    And what do you know, she miraculously finds clothes to wear out. Who would have thought.



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