Thursday, November 12, 2009

Glass Houses

As previously reported, we traveled more than 3 hours with the kids on Monday to take advantage of the free admission to a living history museum. While there, we received a frantic phone call from Anna - she was locked out of the house and she had a horrible headache. We told her that the headache medicine was in the kitchen, suggested a neighbor's house to check for an extra key, and reminded her that we were too far away to come home and rescue her. She sounded upset with that.

After hanging up, I was mentally rehearsing my already well-polished "See? This is why it's important to remember your key LIKE WE TOLD YOU" discourse and thinking of following it up with a supplementary "You're old enough to keep track of important things like keys, you know" speech - when I noticed Larry staring at my shoulder. My, uh, empty shoulder....

"Where's your purse?" he asked.

"Purse? Where is my purse? Did I have it when we left the car?"

Larry, with nary a word of complaint about my apparent senility, jogged back through all the exhibits we had visited, looking for the missing item. Oh, we greeted him like a conquering hero when he returned with my purse in his hands!

Anna would have greeted Larry likewise that evening had she known that his lack of reproach over the purse incident saved her from a big fat hypocritical lecture - a lecture that could not now reasonably be delivered by her grateful yet chastened mother.

Score one for poetic justice.

["Lost and Found" Clip art licensed from the Clip Art Gallery on]


  1. Is that squiggly object in the middle of the drawing a brain? Because that's about how it is at my house.

  2. Gaaaaah! I asked my son where my cell phone charger was, feeling abosolutely sure that he had taken it somewhere, and he said, "Mom, I think you last used it in the den." He was right. Crow eaten.

  3. So you took a drive in your karma and... By the way, if they still sell them: we've got a front door that opens by a key or a combination, so family members can't get locked out.

  4. *Snort* Such karma.

    I think if I lost my purse I would notice because I would be falling over sideways from the shift in weight. I'm used to that 20 extra pounds or whatever it is.

  5. Are you sure that you didn't put your purse down when you answered your phone? Then forgot about it because you were so upset and worried about Anna? I think you could totally bring this full circle if you wanted to. ;)

  6. I'm still envious that you got free admission.

    My 13yo decided to not give me his permission slip for the H1N1 vaccine. I realized it this morning (3 weeks later), gave him a big lecture, and spoke with his school nurse about it when I turned in the signed form. I'm still waiting for the karma to bite me on that one.

  7. I applaud Larry for wisely saying nothing;)

  8. Oh that is just too classic. Don't you hate when stuff like that happens. It absolutely ruins your day. I don't like missing out on those mom "I told you so" talks either".

  9. In my family, when stuff like that happens we say, "Apple." As in, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. ;)

  10. I lose stuff all the time, or that is what hubby thinks. Really, it must be the 3 and almost 5 yr old. I've found them before with my wallet, now empty, and medical, credit and library cards scattered all over the room they are in.

  11. I seem to have an unreasonable number of learning moments like those. I try to explain to life that I get it and will longer require this type of training, but clearly life disagrees with me. I lose an inordinate amount of time sacrificed to the Gods of, "Where the hell did I leave it now?"

  12. This falls in the "Do as I say, not as I do" category.



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