Friday, November 20, 2009

7 Quick Takes: Better Late Than Never

35 minutes more, and Friday's over - I have to do this fast, because I don't know how to change that sign up there to 7 Quick Takes Saturday.

  1. Mrs. G has a post up at the Women's Colony in which she reminisces fondly about 8th-grade roller-skating nights.  I, too, remember going to the roller rink in 8th grade.  I managed to fall on my butt so hard that I must have bruised my tailbone.  All I know is that I could hardly walk and my mother had to write a note to get me excused from gym that Monday.  Whatever she wrote made the gym teacher laugh at me.  Thanks, Mom!
  2. I pulled out all the stops for dinner on Thursday:  I roasted 2 chickens, meticulously carved them up, made gravy from the drippings, and mashed my own potatoes.  At the last minute, I realized I had forgotten a vegetable and threw some frozen corn into the microwave.  Guess which item the children raved about?  That'll teach me to make an effort, won't it?
  3. Larry thought the above incident was very funny.  He kept saying throughout dinner, "Gee, honey, they really like that corn you made" and "Boy, this corn is delicious!"  I'm thinking that if he didn't have me around, he'd have to amuse himself by going downtown and kicking homeless people lying on the sidewalk.
  4. Larry would never kick a homeless person.  I am in no way advocating the abuse of homeless people.  #4 is an example of hyperbole, a writerly trick used to make a point.  The point being that Larry gets his giggles by rubbing salt in my wounds.  Is that nice?  I don't think so.
  5. My best friend met me at Starbuck's tonight with a bag of Halloween candy she had stolen from her children.  We sat around and ate their candy and complained about them.  Also, I helped her cast on for a poncho she's knitting for her 7-year-old.  Whose candy we ate.  Go figure.
  6. I finally convinced Susie to wear a pair of overalls that were in her drawer.  Half of her wardrobe this winter consists of cute overalls with matching shirts handed down from Rachel.  Susie's been refusing to put any of them on.  Why?  I know not why.  Perhaps she was holding out for something more sophisticated.  She's got quite the fashion sense, for a 4-year-old. 
  7. 10 minutes to go - I made it!
Go on over to Conversion Diary for more 7 Quick Takes - I promise she won't be making jokes about homeless people.  


  1. I think my husband is a lot like yours.

    I was getting very frustrated as I looked for a spice in my pantry--and he had the nerve to find it hysterical when I knocked a whole container of toothpicks on the floor. He was amused. I was not.

  2. You really have given me a terrible craving for frozen corn, you know.

    It would probably be best if I just stopped typing now, wouldn't it?

  3. LOL! Just wait. One day you'll get to go their homes and get some payback... Isn't that what parenting is REALLY all about??? Heh heh heh... ;o)

    Damama's at it again!

  4. My oldest, now 11, used to wear the cutest overalls when he was around 3 or 4. I kept them for all my other kids, the next three of which refused to wear them. Now I know why I had #5 -- she loves them! I finally get to use them again~!

  5. Frozen corn for a week. "But you loved it ...." If they won't crack, gradually reduce the time it spends in the microwave.

  6. I thought overalls were adorable... until they learned to use the potty. Still, I know what you mean about hand-me-downs, we've got those in spades here.
    My kids' favorite meals are tuna noodle casserole (4 ingredients, 10 minutes) and top ramen mixed with pork'n'beans. I get oodles of thanks whenever I fix those for supper. Anything else? Nowhere close. I feel your pain.
    The fact that you had to write #4 to defend #3 is both funny and frightening. Kind of like when my BFF & I used to use the term, "Brain 'em with a poker" and then worry that someone overheard us. Hyperbole really ought to be used more often.

  7. Hubby has the kids trained well. Since I started working 4 years ago, he has them thank me whenever I make a real cooked dinner, verses something frozen (chicken nuggets) or easy (like hotdogs). He reminded them before I left for work today that unless the kitchen was clean, I would not be able to make pies, etc for Thanksgiving. They were decluttering and wiping counters when I left. :)

  8. I think ALL husbands are a lot like Larry. I am with Harry. Feed them ONLY corn for dinner for the entire week. Kids probably won't crack, but that for sure will stop all those comments from the hubby. AND will make you dinner preparations easy.

  9. There's so much deliciousness here, I don't even know where to start.

    Pass the corn, please.

  10. Suzy and overalls? You must not have enough laundry to do.

  11. When I was a kid, they built a new ice rink nearby and we all got skates that Christmas. We went every Saturday as a family. I see the whole thing now from a totally different perspective--what it must have been like to be trying to keep track of all six of their kids.

    Then there was the day they were just about to call a break for re-icing, the ice was well gouged, and Mom hit a rough spot and flipped over backwards and was knocked out.

    And this being before 911 existed, instead of calling an ambulance...the staff laid her out on the wooden benches in the dressing room and simply waited for her to come to. Duh!!!...

    That was the end of the skating. Dad wasn't going to put up with that again.