Friday, November 06, 2009

7 Quick Takes: Warm and Dry

  1. Larry went camping with David's Civil Air Patrol this weekend, in sub-freezing temperatures. Meanwhile, I'm home eating the rest of the Halloween candy. Sometimes Dads do get the short end of the stick.
  2. Yes, it is surprising there is any candy left to eat. Don't rush me. These Twizzlers are chewy, you know.
  3. Hot Tamales, too - yum!
  4. Readers of this blog possess an impressive amount of scientific knowledge, if one can judge from their explanations yesterday of why the moon sometimes looks orange. I feel smarter just from reading all of their comments. And I like the way "Harry" (whoever he is) managed to combine a science lesson on the wavelengths of light with a little bit of child-rearing advice.
  5. Gah, 3 more? This calls for candy. Smarties, anyone? We have a surplus.
  6. Theo's 18th birthday is coming up. I should write a heartfelt letter to him on this momentous occasion, expressing my love for him and my pride in his growing up to be an independent young man. It would be a missive he would keep for the rest of his life and perhaps pull out at my funeral to share with his fellow mourners. "You were so lucky," they'd tell him, "to have had such a wonderfully eloquent mother." But, honestly? All I've been able to come up with is this: "What have you done with my little boy and can I just give him one more hug?"
  7. I also have this strange urge to ask Theo if he likes the name we picked out for him all those years ago. I mean, now that he's a grown-up and all...
  8. (8, because I can't count.) When Larry's not here, I leave all the lights on in the house when I go upstairs to bed. Which is only an effective safety measure, I'm guessing, if your armed intruders tend to be of the vampire variety...
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  1. I'll take some smarties. I used to pretend they were pills when I was little and played (the non x-rated version of) Doctor. I'll take off my word verification if you take off your profile setting ;-) - it definitely slows me down.

  2. Sob. There is no candy in my house. ABSOLUTELY NONE.

  3. Today is the the official "Throw out the Halloween Candy Day" in our house.


  4. I thought you were going to say you didn't want to write Theo a letter because then you'd be committed to writing five more 18th-birthday letters, unless you swore him to secrecy, of course.

  5. Lights on in the house wouldn't stop vampires, but garlic bulbs on the door would.

  6. SuperDad is out camping with SnakeMaster and his Webelos tonight... because he couldn't, in good conscience, send the little guy out into freezing weather alone. Ha!
    There is no candy at my house, at least not within easy reach. However, I ended up with ALL of the leftover cookies from feeding the band last night. (Do I have to count the WW points for every single one I eat?) I think I'm feeding the congregation at coffee hour tomorrow.
    Do 18yos really keep those letters forever? I'm pretty sure mine would throw it away after reading it. But he *did* just show me how to delete my old text messages, so I love him anyway.

  7. here we are...exactly one week after halloween...and we have no candy left. none. nada.

    i don't know where it went, but i keep finding candy wrappers in the most unusual places: stuffed in the couch, thrown down an empty vase, under get the idea.

    we're having broccoli all next week.

  8. Maybe all of the candy is going to your head?

  9. I wish! Alas, it's all heading straight to where my waist used to be.