Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Prose And Poetry - A Twofer!

Larry took my giganto bag of candy away today, forcing me to break into my secret stash. Be prepared is my motto; he's done this to me before.

This year I tried to be one of those people who save the pumpkin scoopings and pick out all the seeds and roast them. I managed to do the "save the pumpkin scoopings" part all right. But there wasn't room in my refrigerator for them (not surprising). And then I forgot about them all day Sunday, even though they were sitting in a huge bowl on my counter.

Monday morning? Wow. You know, I had no idea that vegetable matter could smell like dead fish. Learn something new every day, eh?

And where's that NatureMill electric composter when I need it?

I leave you with a bit of doggerel (apologies to Joyce Kilmer):

I think that I shall never see
A day lovely as Halloween.

A Snickers bar with peanuts packed,
Fills up my mouth and gives good snack;

A Reese's cup with peanut butter,
Why, yes, I think I'll have another;

What's this? A bag of M&M's?
Both plain and peanut are my friends.

Some minty dark 3 Musketeers,
Will chase away those ghoulish fears.

Poems are made by fools like me,
But only chocolate makes Halloween.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled diet...


  1. I love that you have a secret candy stash! Me, too. Only I actually stole my secret stash from my kids' bags. That makes it all that much sweeter. :)

  2. Oh, I love the poem! Almost as much as I love the confirmation that I am not the only one to fall just short of roasting those pumpkin seeds that stayed out on the kitchen counter just a tad too long... Thanks on both counts.

  3. Yeah, nothing that looks like pumpkin guts look could smell like anything less than horror after a day on the counter.

  4. Smart lady to have a "Super Secret Stash." I know men who do something similar with their poker money...

  5. I did manage to roast the pumpkin seeds & I'm just trying really hard not to eat all the kids' candy!

  6. The stores here did not even sell bite size Twizzlers this year. Further confirmation of this being that none of my children got so much as one Twizzler this year. None. So I am working my way through inferior chocolate candy that I couldn't stop myself from buying on 75% off clearance at Target from one of the seven aisles of leftover Halloween candy. Halloween is dead and the Twizzlers are gone, it's just horrible!

  7. Weight Watchers and I are on a break. Halloween has come between us.

  8. Candy is my friend. Maybe thats why I have 30 piounds from the last 3 kids to lose? :)

  9. Self-confessed Snickers sneaker here...