Saturday, November 14, 2009

Let's Play Santa

I thought I would take a break from meaningless drivel that does the world not one whit of good and inform y'all of a coat drive that Sue is running for refugees in Salt Lake City.

I know! I had no idea there were any refugees in SLC, myself. But Sue says there are. They come from war-torn areas of Africa and Asia.

(You wouldn't lie, would you, Sue?)

Now, Sue and I go back a long way (I mean, in blogging years); and, although we may have had our disagreements now and then, say, like when I had to defend her mother's honor against Sue's slanderous post about her childhood eating habits, I remain convinced that Sue has a heart of gold and deserves our support in rounding up 100 winter coats for refugee children.

(Hmmm....that still sounds fishy....maybe they're just for Sue and her family? We all know how many kids those Mormons have running around.)

(More than 6)

(6 is normal, dammit)

Where was I? Oh! Oh, yes - coats. Sue came up with the idea of asking people to buy coats online and to have them shipped here:

Gayane Manukyan
Att: 100 Coats for Kids Project
Refugee Center at AAU
1588 South Major Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 84115

Which may or may not be a legitimate address, but hey - according to my husband, Sue is an imaginary person, anyway.

This is all getting very confusing.

Anyway, if you are moved to purchase a coat for a kid who is being forced to share a coat with 3 siblings and to ship it to an address that was given to me by a person who may or may not actually exist, that would be a good Christmas-y thing to do. Any size coat will do, baby through teen...

Speaking of refugees sharing things, I have a story for you. Larry knew someone who used to work for a Jewish Social Services agency; this agency assisted recent Russian emigres to the US. One of her jobs was finding apartments for the new arrivals and getting them settled in. So! She drove one such family (with 5 or 6 people in it) to their new 3-bedroom apartment and told them she'd be back in a few days to see how things were going.

When she came back, she found them with their belongings unpacked and set up all over the living room. The bedrooms were empty. "What's wrong with the bedrooms?" she asked them.

"Bedrooms?" they said. "We thought those rooms were for other families."

So, yes - we are fortunate. More than one room to a family, more than one coat to a group of siblings. Let's spread it around a little, eh?

[Sue did a much better job of this appeal thing, I'll have you know. She managed to tie it in to that scene in The Little Princess where the Indian gentleman sneaks all sorts of lovely things into Sara Crewe's bare garret room and Sara thinks it's Magic that does it. And then Sue wrapped up her post by saying we're lucky - we can all be a part of that Magic (by donating the coats). That Sue has the writing mojo, all right. Compared to her, I'm just a hack.]

(Santa image courtesy of Free clipart, animations and web graphics)


  1. There's a lot of perspective in this post.

  2. What an excellent idea for Christmas! Though I have heard stories of extreme poverty before, I can't imagine a family living all in one room.

    A Little Princess was one of my favorite books as a kid. Whenever I'd feel sorry for myself, I'd read the scenes where she was neglected, then the scene you described. Then I'd have a good cry, get out of the closet, and go do my chores.

  3. Thank you so much for posting about this. But my heart is made out of STONE, not gold. (Or so said my eight year old today when I told her she couldn't have chocolate chips for lunch.) And six is positively a starter family. ;)

  4. Hey, now...the meaningless drivel is highly amusing. And believe me, amusing IS a lotta good in the world!! You make me laugh daily, and right now, me and lots of others need that as much as some folks need winter coats! (course, that might be easy for me to say as both my children have a winter coat..... : )

  5. first time visitor and six kids? i'm tired before i even get to the comments! sheesh! my apron is off to you m'lady.

    this is a great effort for a great cause and this time of year does make us appreciate even more all that we can be thankful for.

  6. Oh man, I am touched. We've committed to ramping up our charitable giving this season. Doubling it, actually, and this last week we filled the Samaritan's Purse shoeboxes...this sounds like a fantastic thing. Lots of people believe that once people "get over here" they're good to go--so far from the truth. Several local organizations are still helping Hmong refugee families who came here 2 years ago. Transitions of that magnitude are hard.

  7. I can vouch for the fact that Sue is real because otherwise she wouldn't know about the coats for refugees thing. That lady does it every year and I saw it on the news last year. And even though sitemeter says I'm in NY I'm really in Utah. Also, it's true; there are refugees in Utah. Like remember the one who shot up one of our malls, probably because of bad PTSD? Most of them don't shoot at us, luckily. Even if they are freezing to death here. Anyhow, if we ever run out of refugees, we have a lot of organizations that can ship the coats to someone who needs them all over the world. But, probably, if we ever ran out of refugees and money to ship the coats away, we could find enough Mormon kids who needed a good coat around here. What with 6 kids being average and all. Or if worse came to worse, I bet the polygamists down south could use a coat or two. Bring it on! There should be a law against commenting after 2 am. I'm hoping reading blogs will get my mind off everything else and let me get to sleep!