Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Day

I'm sorry, folks, but the activities of cooking and eating and making small children cry seem to have taken up all my waking hours the last few days.  Tomorrow, I promise, I'll be back to explain how I traumatized my 4-year-old so that she'll never play Texas Hold 'Em again.  In the meanwhile, enjoy:

I know we've all seen this already, but - for me - it never gets old.


  1. Nice video! :-)
    I wish you all the happiest of thanksgiving holidays, thanking God for all of the blessings that come our way.

  2. LOL, it was new to me!
    Sounds like a perfect Thanksgiving. It was the first real meal I'd had in days, but I couldn't even finish what I put on my plate (which was even WW friendly).

  3. Our holiday was fun filled, a couple of restraining orders here, a new door there. Nothing says 'love and family' at the holidays like handcuffs, no?

  4. Oh, c'mon Viv, don't leave us in suspense - do tell!

  5. Happy belated Thanksgiving. Hope your day was a blessed one. (and better than Viv's)

  6. Oh my, that was funny -- thanks for posting! Hope you had a good one! :)



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